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Optimising contract enforcement to push Make in India

Cumbersome enforcement procedures marked by bureaucratic approach and a legal enforcement mechanism that is costly and protracted are abhorrent to investmentand slow down trade, economic growth and development.

Making things happen in the government

No matter how good the idea is, the implementation will be adversely impacted if there isn’t an appropriate administrative machinery and a leader to drive home the idea.

India and America in the post Covid era

Even if India’s political leadership wanted the realignment in US ties, the note clearly hasn’t been circulated to either the military or the bureaucracy, both of which continue to harbour a deep suspicion of the US.

Covid warriors facing unprecedented war

Frontline Covid warriors should de-stress themselves and prepare for the long battle to contain the pandemic. They should try to engage in new experiences, learn new skill or develop a new passion.
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Contract Farming: A welcome reform

Several studies conducted on the process of contract farming in various countries show that contract farmers earn considerably more than non-contract farmers.

Mulling over the National Education Policy

For higher education to do more for society, it needs due diligence-based regulation. This new draft promises autonomy to higher education institutions.

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