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We accept sponsored blog posts and SaaS product reviews on  Thedailyguardian.com . This is a business and marketing blog for entrepreneurs, and business brands.

The following services are available for startups, agencies, small businesses, big brands, and individuals who are looking for new ways to promote their products and services to a new audience using a proven marketing strategy that works well.

We accept brand-sponsored blog posts on Thedailyguardian.com . All sponsored posts should be targeted at startups, agencies, small businesses, and entrepreneurs who make use of marketing tools on a daily basis.

You can send an email to ad[at]articledesk.net to get started.


If you have marketing products, tools, or gadgets that will be useful to entrepreneurs and brands, we can write a comprehensive product review to introduce your SaaS products, tools, and gadgets to our unique business audience.

Let’s give your products and services a massive boost with our comprehensive product reviews. We have the right package for your business needs. You can send an email to ad[at]articledesk.net to get started.

Ad placement on Thedailyguardian.com can be in form of text links, images on the sidebar, sidebar widgets, article links, banner ads, or any other ads. We’ve got it all.

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We are looking for corporate brands in the business and marketing industry to sponsor Thedailyguardian.com.

We are committed to putting more resources into building a reliable business and marketing platform for entrepreneurs but we can’t do this effectively without corporate sponsorship to cover some of the bills.

If you are interested in sponsoring Thedailyguardian.com, you can send an email to info@thedailyguardian.com to get started.