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The Covid warriors from the havelis

Nandini Singh, Alkarani Singh and Kamini Singh—of three different royal families—are not just helping and protecting the poor but also providing them with a livelihood by promoting their crafts.

The queen who built her studio with blocks

A visit to her studio, workshop and you will be enthralled by the many wooden blocks that fill her roof. It’s an asbestos roof,...

Into Shambhavi Singh’s rich and diverse culinary world

At 25, Shambhavi Singh is a fresh graduate from Bangalore’s Lavonne Academy of Baking Science and Pastry arts. The younger princess of Gamph has...

The royal guardians of traditional Odia craft

Meenal Kumari Singhdeo, a natural textile revivalist and craft protagonist, has been working with a large community of local artisans since 1990.
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Ayodhya’s ‘first family’ and Ganga-Jamuni culture

Ayodhya is possibly one of the most historic cities of India. The proverbial birthplace of Lord Rama and also the kingdom where the fabled...

Rajputs are most misrepresented and misunderstood communities

It was the monsoon of 2016. The social media was abuzz with an uninformed and inane piece of writing that aimed at stereotyping contemporary...

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