YouTube testing ‘1080p Premium’ streaming option

For viewers that stream YouTube using a mobile app, the video-sharing platform appears to be testing a new option.
A new option for stream quality appeared called ‘1080p Premium’ described to have “Enhanced bitrate”. This new stream option will be available to YouTube Premium subscribers, in addition to the ‘regular’ 1080p option, which is quite generously compressed.
It has also been reported that the new “high-bitrate” 1080p option could address users’ desire to watch higher-quality videos, which they address by switching to a 1440p(2K) or 2160p (4K) streaming option when available.
To satisfy consumers’ requests for higher quality mobile video viewing, YouTube may be able to reduce operating costs with the help of this new option.
This comes shortly after Susan Wojcicki’s resignation as CEO of YouTube, albeit it has not yet been determined whether the move is due to Neil Mohan’s appointment as the new CEO.
It has also been speculated that the “1080p Premium” video option may also put 60fps and 120fps videos behind the YouTube Premium paywall.
Meanwhile, the outlet has shared that YouTube was earlier testing an “add to queue” feature from mobile for Android and iOS users with a Premium subscription.

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