You’ll also request condoms: IAS officer makes fun of a Bihar girl’s request for inexpensive sanitary napkins; NCW asks for an explanation

bihar IAS mocks school girl

The National Commission for Women (NCW) on Thursday looked into the incident in Patna where an IAS officer publicly made fun of a school girl when she asked for inexpensive sanitary napkins at a workshop organized in Bihar.

The IAS, Harjot Kaur Bamrah is also the MD of Bihar Women and Child Development Corporation. The Women Commission has asked for a written explanation for the remarks made by the IAS officer.

“The reply must be communicated within 7 days,” said NCW. After coming across various social media posts regarding the “embarrassing” incident, condemning the incident, NCW said that such an “insensitive attitude” from a person in a responsible position is condemnable and “extremely shameful”.

In the event, a school girl asked if the government could provide sanitary napkins at a cheaper price. The demand was praised by so many but it did not go well with the officer. She got upset with the demand and asked if there is any end to the demands.

“Today you are asking for sanitary, tomorrow you will need jeans, then good shoes and when the question of family planning will arise, you will ask for condoms too,” she replied.
Meanwhile, ensuring action in the matter, Bihar CM Nitish Kumar also called a meeting and said that they are helping women and monitoring everything.