You never meet anybody you love for the first time or the last: Author Mayank Gaur


In an interview with NewsX, author and advertising creative director Mayank Gaur talks about his unusual story of past lives and soul families. “I may, out of courtesy, send a RIP message to the family of a bereaved soul, but what I really wish that soul is Om Sadgati — may you have an auspicious journey to your next life. That is what our ancient Indian culture believes in. In fact, the possibility of other lives and continuity of love appeals strongly to a large number of people of other cultures too, as is evident from the massive, growing global following of Indian gurus, Buddhism, ISKCON (Hare Krishna movement) and path-breaking authors on the subject like Brian Weiss.”

In what Mayank intends to be a series of books on the continuity of love over lifetimes, the first story is titled ‘Bunny’s Burrow’: That’s the inscription on the tombstone of a little girl, who in fact takes readers to two of our souls’ favourite places — childhood, and the afterlife.

“I am from an Army family and my story is largely based on Army life in Mhow cantonment. It takes readers on a nostalgic journey to a time when connectivity hadn’t disconnected people yet,” he says with a smile.

In an intriguing blend of nostalgia, humour, love, tragedy, faith and hope, the book explores the bandwidth of spirituality without being sermonising. Its powerful social and behavioural metaphors compel introspection. With it, the author hopes readers will take away the diverse nuances of love, the value of laughter and the essence of spirituality.

 “Which Life Are You From? is the story your soul has been waiting to hear since ever,” says Mayank.