Yogi Adityanath launches development projects worth Rs 700 cr


Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath participated in the prize distribution programme of ‘Sansad Khel-Khud Pratiyogita 2023’ in Lucknow in which he inaugurated and laid the foundation stone of 879 development projects worth Rs 700 crore.
Speaking on occasion, CM Yogi said that India’s strength and capability have been demonstrated at the Asian Games held in China.

Notably, Indian athletes achieved a historic milestone by surpassing the century mark, securing 107 medals, driven by the encouragement of the Prime Minister. Out of these, 25 per cent medals were won by athletes hailing from Uttar Pradesh.

During the event, he said, “The UP player was initially lagging behind China in athletics, but managed to clinch victory in the last 30 seconds. When questioned about her last-minute win, she said that it was possible because of the encouragement received from the Prime Minister and the programs initiated by the Uttar Pradesh government to support players. To get the job of DSP, it was necessary to win a gold medal.”

“A reward of 3 crore and the position of Deputy Superintendent of Police awaits athletes winning gold medals. Whenever they will say, we will issue the appointment letters,” he added. He further congratulated MP Smriti Irani and 1.11 lakh players for participating in the grand event.

CM Yogi expressed that, until today, events like this were just a dream. The ‘Khelo India Khelo’ initiative by the Prime Minister has been instrumental in motivating players and youth across the nation to prioritize fitness. This call has sparked a surge in sports competitions all over the country, a trend further reinforced by the Fit India Movement.

“In this series, organizing the Sansad Khel-Khud Pratiyogita 2023 was a novel experience. For the last three to four years, players from the entire parliamentary constituency, from village to Nyay Panchayat, from school to college level, got the opportunity to participate in various competitions. Amethi broke the record with the participation of hundreds of players in the first edition, thousands in the second edition and 1.11 lakh players in the third edition,” he said.

CM Yogi also mentioned that so far 500 players have been given appointment letters. There is an abundance of recruitment and talent. Under the leadership of the Prime Minister, it is the collective responsibility of all to elevate India’s talent to the global stage, he added.

If everyone works with full strength, then one day the players of Amethi will also go to the Asian Commonwealth, Olympics, and World Championship. Their success will not only bring honour to the district and state but also contribute to enhancing the country’s reputation.