World Smile Day: Delhi people smile ear to ear on deeds of kindness

Every smile has the ability to instantly brighten the room, whether it is a grin that sparkles with unbridled joy or a giggle that makes you cry with happiness. Being able to make someone smile is fantastic, but there is something even more endearing about knowing you are the reason for their happiness. Some city dwellers, who express how they are getting along with a sparkle in their eyes, also put smiles on many people’s cheeks. Learn about their experiences of bringing joy into the lives of millions on this World Smile Day.

“I feel that the best way to put a smile on someone’s face is by empowering them,” says Ritika Garg, an MBA student from Delhi who uses unique methods to put smiles on the faces of youngsters living in slums. “It all began when several young girls from a slum close to my home showed their love of wearing nicely and mastering makeup application. Since then, I’ve been travelling to the various slums in the city with my friends to teach these girls makeup techniques and give them some supplies. I can’t even begin to describe how lovely it is to watch them all giggling and laughing while they practise together. These girls now frequently call me and claim that they feel so confident about themselves now, that they would like to go out and seek jobs to be self reliant,” adds Garg.

It’s the will that leads to a way. Such as in the case of Ritesh Bajaj, a young city-based entrepreneur, who wanted to make a difference but didn’t know how and therefore took to his lens. Bajaj says, “I used to practise photography as a hobby, and whenever I was with my camera I would notice several young boys, who did menial jobs. They would look at the camera with fascination, and ask me several questions with curiosity. I can never forget how their eyes lit up when one fine day I went up to them with brand new cameras that I wanted to gift them. Their moist eyes and wide smiles, exuding gratitude, expressed much more than any words could. Since then, they have been learning to operate the camera from me, and have now even started earning out of this newly developed skill of theirs.” Isn’t that a joy to hear, so smile please!

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