World Hepatitis Day


“The global burden of Hepatitis continues to swell, with India also facing a high number of chronic Hepatitis B and C cases, in addition to Hepatitis A. According to the WHO data, in India, 40 million people are chronically infected with Hepatitis B, and 6 to 12 million are chronically infected with Hepatitis. The viral infection affects the liver, so accurate and timely diagnosis is crucial for effective treatment and prevention of further complications. When it comes to facilitating prompt medical intervention and improved patient outcomes, diagnostic labs, and medical technology contribute significantly to accurate and timely screening and diagnosis. Especially, Diagnostic labs provide essential services for hepatitis screening and diagnosis. They offer a range of tests, including blood tests to detect viral markers and liver function tests (LFTs) to assess the extent of liver damage. Apart from that, there are imaging techniques, liver biopsy, and point-of-care testing. Diagnostic labs utilize advanced medical technology and equipment to process and analyze samples, ensuring accurate and reliable results. So, diagnostics labs have a big role in the timely screening and diagnosis of this disease.”

– Dr. Sunita Kapoor, Director and Consultant Pathologist at City X-ray & Scan Clinic