WORK-LIFE BALANCE ‘Well, I feel the topic is a BIG lie!’


A big MYTH, there is no such thing as “work life balance”. How can you keep a balance? Have we ever measured the roles, duties and responsibilities on a weighing scale? Which role is to be played when? At work you are thinking about home, family or aren’t you playing a role of a mother, daughter, daughter-in-law or sister during working hours? While doing work at home we women don’t think of what file needs to be reworked on? In my presentation tomorrow, I need to work my audience and get the deal. A woman that runs a business or the one who does a job is having an array of thoughts while being in different places, time zones and having multiple people around.
Can you visualise yourself doing the same? If yes, then this article is Just for YOU.
One more Step, Think: “Am I doing justice to myself? Am I thinking the right thing at the right time & place, holding conversations by being mentally present in those situations? Am I listening to people, mirroring them, reflecting them, letting them finish their sentences and not thinking what I need to answer?” Then keep reading.
If your answer is a NO or mix of YES & NO then this is just for YOU!!
Work-life balance is finding harmony, coexisting with peace. It’s not about putting one above the other. Work and home demand a lot and while holding the fort what I /we forget is ME.
It’s not just about physically being present and coping with situations. It’s about learning to deal with people and situations. Taking decisions with clarity, usage of right words, commitment for example, if you are at home then BE at home. If there is any professional situation, then do that, inform your family what is required at that time, tell them why, they will understand, might not be at that moment but with time, an understanding will come. It takes time. Vise -a versa.
Find your balancing points:
Don’t go for perfection: Life is not a 2- or 3-hour movie. It’s a journey of happiness, fun, learning, togetherness, sadness, loneliness and much more. Acknowledge the emotion and accept.
Self – Ishq: Everyday look in your eyes and say “I love you” and move with smile and grace.
Set realistic personal and professional goals.
Seek positive support: Be it at home, friends or work.
Eat your day like a pizza: every slice is defined for work, family, “ME” time etc. Make your own choice what to eat when.
Do a self-check: reflect on your actions regularly.
Learn to say Yes to yourself.
Play loud music and dance.
We all are sailing in the same ship, some are moving forward, some back, some are stuck in the middle and some are exploring by moving left and right. We fall, the secret is to get up and keep moving and create a balance for what we are doing in the current scenario. Find the “Why” of your “actions” and be open to the outcome, whether it be for you or against you, take it in your stride & keep moving. Don’t worry about what others are saying or thinking, because that will fade away after some time.
We are in it TOGETHER!
The author is a Strategic Communication Specialist and the Founder of DialogurPlus.