Wondering why is ‘World Television Day’ observed?

Every year on 21 November, World Television Day is observed. This day is celebrated to honour the importance and impact of television in our lives. We are all aware of how important television is to society and to an individual’s life. We are all aware of the significant role that television plays in both society and the lives of individuals. It is a source of information and entertainment for us. Thanks to this electronic medium, we stay informed about things happening in the world. The first electrical television was created by American inventor Philo Taylor Farnsworth in 1927. The first broadcast of Charles Francis Jenkins’ first mechanical television station, W3XK, was broadcast a year later. World Television Day was established on 21 November by the United Nations General Assembly in resolution 51/205 on 17 December 1996.
In awareness of the growing influence television has on our decision-making, it was done. We could see everything that was happening in the world on television in the comfort of our living rooms.
The first World Television Forum was organised by the United Nations on 21 and 22 November  1996. Leading media figures gather to talk about how important television is becoming in our ever-changing environment. They also talked about ways to make their collaboration better.
The creation of television and its importance in modern life is celebrated on World Television Day. Televisions are becoming an essential part of our lives, providing us with a source of entertainment and breaking news in real-time. Televisions still have a special place in our hearts, despite the surge in the use of OTT services. Many people have a long-standing custom of wrapping up their days with some television pleasure.  

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