Women’s participation in peace talks declined: UN

The proportion of women participating in peace negotiations has decreased, which is concerning given the rising discontent around the world. Only 19% of women were present at the UN-led peace negotiations in 2021, down from 23% in 2020. In processes not under the control of the UN, women were flatly and clearly excluded, according to the report, according to a United Nations research.

There is enough data, according to the research “Strengthening women’s resilience and leadership as a path to peace in regions afflicted by armed groups,” to demonstrate that peace agreements are more likely to be upheld when women leaders are involved. In order to mitigate the effects of reversed generational advances in women’s rights in conflict-affected nations, it emphasises the need of protecting women human rights defenders and reserving their seats during peace discussions.

The research highlighted the disarray in women’s lives in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, noting that a decline in peace and security everywhere doubles discrimination against women. According to reports, 29 female trade unionists, journalists, and human rights defenders were killed in 2021, though actual numbers may be much higher. This, according to the report, should be taken as a call for political support that is both explicit and obvious.

According to statistics, military spending increased to $2.1 trillion in 2021 at the expense of investments in human security, while support for women’s organisations in countries with ongoing conflicts decreased to $150 million in 2020, a further decrease from 2019. The research said that supporting women’s participation in peace and security can help rectify the issue, quoting UN Women Executive Director Sima Bahous as saying that “commitment towards global peace should put women at the centre of its pursuit.”

Other recommendations made in the report included investing in long-term peace, conflict prevention, and women’s involvement and engagement in all areas of peace.

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