Women unite in Lucknow to create non-violent economy


To take part in a 12-day campaign for a violent-free economy, more than ten thousand women have assembled on the outskirts of Lucknow. October 2 will mark the end of the campaign, which got under way on September 21.

On Friday, a program was held in Madiaon for women to speak out for a non-violent life and economy as part of this campaign, which was organised by Red Brigade Lucknow (an organisation that aims to protect women).

Students, social workers from four states, as well as representatives from Lucknow’s villages, mohallas, and schools, were present in the program.

Renuka Tandon, founder of Amren Foundation, presided over the event, while the chief guest for the event was renowned social worker Jill Ben. Ben said that increasing violence in society deeply affects women, and therefore, it is their responsibility to raise a voice to further build a non-violent economy. Tandon appreciated the efforts made by the Red Brigade, saying that it is a good step in the direction of achieving a non-violent economy.

The founder of Red Brigade, Usha Vishwakarma, emphasised the significance of women working on and enhancing their self-defence and self-image when she said that a non-violent economy is only possible when there is a humane relationship between man, woman, and nature.