Women squad of BSF shot down Pakistani drone in Amritsar

A BSF spokesperson on Tuesday said a women squad of the Border Security Force has foiled a cross-border drug-smuggling attempt in Punjab’s Amritsar district by shooting down a drone, which was flying from Pakistan into India with 3.1 kg of narcotics, a BSF spokesperson said on Tuesday.

At 10.47 p.m. on Monday, the personnel opened fire on the drone after observing it enter Indian territory close to Chaharpur village, which is located 40 kilometres north of Amritsar.

A hexacopter, an unmanned aerial vehicle with six rotors, that was partially damaged was found by the BSF during the search operation. The 3.1kg of drugs were wrapped in white polythene and fastened below the 18kg drone.

“Alert personnel of the BSF were once again able to capture a drone and foil a smuggling attempt. The drone was shot down by women personnel,” the spokesperson said.

A DJI Matrice 300 RTK quadcopter built in China that had invaded Indian territory from Pakistan near Daoke village in the Amritsar area had been shot down on November 25 by BSF personnel.

At the Punjab border, Pakistani drone activity has increased; 250 have been observed so far this year, compared to 100 in 2021.

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