Woman killed husband over drinking habits in Amroha


A man was reportedly strangled to death by his wife in the Amroha region of Uttar Pradesh as a result of alleged beatings and drinking tendencies. According to reports, the incident happened on September 9 at Bagdapur Imma village, under Naugava Sadat.

The following day, the police found the victim’s body at his home. Rajani Singh has been named as the suspect. Her arrest occurred on September 12. Rajani allegedly admitted to her crime while being questioned by the police.

Vijaypal Singh has been identified as the victim. Rajani claimed that after drinking, the man used to beat her. According to the report, the woman allegedly murdered her husband during a violent fight.

The woman said that her husband had sold his farmland for Rs 10 lakh as well and put the proceeds into the account of his uncle.

She said that Vijaypal didn’t give her any cash to take care of the children.

Police have detained the accused and filed a case against her. On Tuesday, she was placed in judicial custody and taken to jail, according to Amroha Circle Officer Vikay Kumar.