Why You Should Use A Programmable Thermostat With An HVAC Unit


As a homeowner, there are different changes that you can make in your house to make it more comfortable. One of them is upgrading the thermostat in your HVAC system. Thermostat technology has advanced over the past few years and brought many advantages to homeowners. Below are the benefits of using a programmable thermostat and why you should install one.

Increases Energy Efficiency

 A heating and cooling system with a manual thermostat runs throughout the day and increases energy consumption. On the contrary, a programmable thermostat reduces the energy consumption in your house by improving the HVAC unit’s energy efficiency.

 It automatically adjusts the heating and cooling in your house and sets the right temperatures whenever you are away from the house. This process enables you to lower your energy bills, save money, and still have a comfortable home.

Optimizes your HVAC System and Increases its Lifespan

 Installing a programmable thermostat in your HVAC helps the unit operate more efficiently. It also reduces the system’s workload because it only runs when necessary. Your HVAC is less likely to experience frequent tear and wear with optimum performance. This means that it will last longer and serve you for as long as possible. Remember that replacing your thermostat is cheaper than buying a new HVAC unit. 

It has Advanced Features

 Another reason why you should install a programmable thermostat in your heating and cooling system is it possesses advanced features that make it more effective. For instance, most have WI-FI capabilities and Google compatibility. Additionally, you can sync the appliance with your phone and control it remotely if you have internet access.

Assists in Maintaining Consistent Temperatures

 When your HVAC unit uses a manual thermostat, you have to keep setting it throughout the day to find the right temperatures. A programmable thermostat eliminates the need to turn your HVAC on when there is a heatwave and turn it off when the cold is unbearable.

 This is because it keeps the indoor temperatures constant, depending on the weather and time of the day, to ensure that your home is always comfortable. The best thing is that it monitors the indoor temperatures and adjusts accordingly. 

Supports Zoned Cooling and Heating

 You should consider upgrading your thermostat if your home has multiple climate zones. A programmable thermostat identifies the sections of a house with similar temperature requirements and allows you to customize the climate for each zone and keep the entire property running smoothly. 

 For example, you can set a different temperature for the basement and a different temperature for the living room. This capability ensures that you feel comfortable in every section of your house.

Saves Time

 A manual thermostat is tedious. This is because it requires you to set the desired temperatures at different times of the day, before leaving the house, and even after you enter the house after work.

 A programmable thermostat is different and will save you a lot of time because you only need to set it once. This smart appliance allows you to focus on your work or vacation, knowing that the HVAC system is still operating efficiently and effectively.

 These smart thermostats have different scheduling capabilities and configurations, such as a 1-week model, 5-2 day model, and 7-day model. Ensure that you choose one that suits your daily routine.

HVAC Alerts

 Another reason why you should install a smart thermostat in your HVAC system is to receive HVAC alerts. Some advanced models are designed to alert the homeowner to check the air filters or other parts. It also notifies you when your system needs some servicing. This feature enables you to maintain your HVAC regularly, solve any issues as early as possible, and ensure that it operates efficiently. 

 In summary, purchasing a programmable thermostat for your HVAC system is one of the most important investments that you can make. A programmable thermostat helps you to live in a comfortable and efficient home. Ensure that you study the different types of programmable thermostats available before purchasing. Furthermore, you can seek assistance from an expert HVAC contractor to know the right appliance for your household.