Why Should I Trust You? – A Compelling Blend of Love and Mystery


Eighteen-year-old Nandini wakes up from a coma in a state of disorientation—she can’t remember who she is or how she landed up in hospital. As she slowly tries to piece her life together with the help of family she no longer recognises, some memories come back to her while others remain obstinately out of reach. Sahil can’t understand why the girl he once loved has suddenly turned a stranger. Dejected by her behaviour he tries to move on but his feelings for her won’t be forgotten so easily, nor will the hurt she has caused.
As fragments of Nandini’s lost memories resurface, she gets an uneasy feeling that Sahil knows more about her accident than he is willing to reveal. Is he truly the person she thinks he is? What is the missing piece of Nandini’s past that will explain the present? A whirlwind of love, passion, suspicion and a quest for the truth, Why Should I Trust You? is a perfect mix of romance and mystery that will keep readers hooked from start to finish.