Why it pays to be a blogger in 2020


This year caused an upheaval in the lives of many, with some faring better than others. People in the digital sphere were better placed to handle the changing scenario, in comparison to those working in more traditional industries. Blogging and its parent genus of content creation, was one of the few industries to witness steady growth and improvement of work conditions during the pandemic.

The Indian blogging industry, in particular, is being shaped into a professionally coveted one, by platforms like Blogchatter. This content creation and marketing community began as a website to connect bloggers with readers. With six years of experience under their belt, they have evolved to offer guidance on effective content creation, imparting knowledge on proven marketing methods and acting as a bridge between brands and bloggers, by curating long-term campaigns for mutual benefit.

As a lifestyle blogger, I have seen the blogging industry grow by leaps and bounds since I first set a foot in the door. In particular, 2020 has been a profitable year for bloggers, for the following reasons:


The lockdown sounded the death knell to traditional methods of advertising. With fewer people venturing outdoors, billboards in big cities became redundant; ad-free subscription-based streaming platforms took over television and radio programmes; and print newspapers and magazines struggled to survive. The best option for businesses of all sizes, therefore, was to go digital with their advertisements. Google and other search engines, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube, are effective advertisement platforms, where bloggers and influencers create and promote brand-sponsored content to sell to a targeted audience.


Apart from the reasons outlined above, brands are attracted to the ever-increasing numbers of social media users. At first, social media platforms catered primarily to certain age groups and classes of society but all boundaries have been broken in the last few years, making social media platforms available for universal usage. In fact, for many people, the concept of the ‘Internet’ is synonymous with ‘social media’. The increasing social media consumption allows bloggers to explore different outlets and connect to a willing audience, consequently increasing their ability to earn money online.


The first bloggers emerged in the early to mid-2000s, seeking a safe outlet to vent their feelings or express themselves without cost and effort. Over the years, blogging has evolved in numerous ways, addressing varied needs and introducing path-breaking methods of creative expression. For people who do not enjoy writing, videos and pictures are methods of expressing personal creativity; for those who shy away from the camera but have an expressive voice, podcasts are a viable platform. These mediums are constantly evolving and bloggers can find a platform for themselves, paving the way for them to work with brands on multimedia projects.


As established above, social media consumption has grown tremendously and so has the discerning audience consuming digital content. People now seek high-quality material on digital platforms, as opposed to blindly following celebrities and media-endorsed trendy content. This environment is conducive for bloggers to connect with a tailormade audience, further encouraging them to grow on their own terms.


Indian regional content is a relatively new phenomenon, but has seen a remarkable rise in the last year. It is directly linked with increasing Internet bandwidth and the growth of social media. Content creators and bloggers come in all shapes and sizes, languages, ethnicities and interests. Social media users prefer relatable authenticity over fake promotional content, hence regional players often see a faster growth rate in the digital industry.

Blogging is an evolving profession, which is finally garnering the recognition it truly deserves. A platform like Blogchatter, that has recently revamped its website and redesigned the services offered to bloggers to help them grow, is establishing better industry standards. This new digital-friendly environment allows the blogging community to carve out a unique space for itself. Believe me when I say, there has never been a better time to be a blogger than in 2020!

The writer is a lawyer who pens lifestyle articles on her successful blog www. nooranandchawla.com. She can be found on Instagram @nooranandchawla.