When Chai Met Toast: India’s favorite indie band released Sushi Song

When Chai Met Toast and Richard Wilkinson have collaborated to bring us new latest single, “Sushi Song,” a fantastic song that tracks listeners on a journey via a vibrant world of love, adventure and discovery.

The raw, honest, and deeply rooted musical style of the band shines through in their uplifting and energetic songs, which are sure to please fans of independent music.

Sushi Song is the first of four songs on the upcoming LYTS EP. “Sushi Song” celebrates the joy of discovering new places and doing new things with someone special. When Chai Met Toast’s lyrics paint a vivid picture of two lovers embarking on an exciting adventure together.

The song captures the magic and excitement of travel and discovery, from eating sushi under the moon to climbing Mount Fuji at sunrise. When Chai Met Toast and Richard Wilkinson composed and produced the music, which is a fusion of acoustic and electronic elements that creates a delightful and infectious sound.

The expert mixing skills of Richard Wilkinson and the attention to detail of recording engineers Richard Wilkinson and Connor Panayi shine through.

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