“What you see as setback might be God’s setup for a marvelous miracle to occur” Sharon Jaynes

O ne day a farmer’s donkey fell into a well, the animal cried piteously for hours as the farmer tried to figure out what to do. Finally, he felt that since the animal was old, and well needed to be covered up, it just wasn’t worth the effort to save the donkey. He called his friends and asked them to help him in covering up the well; they all grabbed shovels and began pouring mud into the well.
The donkey on realizing what was happening began to cry loudly, then suddenly to everyone’s amazement was quiet. A few shovels later, the farmer looked into the well and was shocked at what he saw. With every shovel of dirt that hit his back, the donkey would shake it off and take a step up, soon, everyone was amazed as the donkey stepped over the edge of the well and trotted off.
The moral of the story being, every circumstance which throw the mud of misfortune on you, shake off the dirt and tell yourself that you can fight it off. Never get disheartened with the dirt of times being shoveled on you. No gold can deny the hardships it goes through before becoming a beautiful ornament. Same way, we will survive this together and emerge stronger.

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