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What will happen to the currencies featuring Queen Elizabeth II after Charles’s ascension?



Picture Credit: Corporate Finance Institute

Queen Elizabeth II has been depicted on British banknotes and coins for decades. The monarch’s portrait has also been featured on currencies in dozens of other places around the world.

So, will the currencies be swapped out now? Here’s all you need to know about the currency conundrum the world faces after Queen Elizabeth’s demise:

Will the Monarchs turn on the currency?

The queen’s portrait on British notes and coins is expected to be replaced by the new King Charles III, but the move will not be immediate.

The Bank of England announced earlier that “Current banknotes featuring the image of Her Majesty the Queen will continue to be legal tender.”

As 4.7 billion UK banknotes worth 82 billion points are currently in circulation along with 29 billion coins, currency with the Queen’s image will be in circulation for years.

What about the currencies in other countries featuring the Queen?

Other nations’ currencies which feature the Queen, like Australia, New Zealand and Canadian dollars, will be updated with the new monarch, but this process could also take a long time. The Bank of Canada said, “There is no legislative requirement to change the design within a prescribed period when the Monarch changes.”

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Unfolding the Magic of Compounding with SIP Investing




What a wonderful thing it would be if our money toiled as hard as we did to earn it! Fortunately, we can accomplish this using the enchanted concept of compounding.

Before we dive deep into the magic of compounding, we must know what compounding and SIP precisely are. 

What is Compounding?

This simple yet powerful notion of investment acts as a multiplier in your financial portfolio. Compound interest, often known as compounding, alludes to the concept that you earn interest on the initial principal amount you have invested and the interest that constantly keeps adding to it. 

Essentially, compounding is a long-term investing tactic that includes reinvestment of time and earnings.

What is SIP?

SIP is a systematic investment plan wherein investors can choose to invest in mutual funds through a systematic and disciplined investing route by investing a fixed amount of money every week or month on a specified date. 

Using a combination of a variety of assets, including stocks and bonds, mutual funds offer the benefit of diversification together with the perks of compounding, which results in an exponential growth of your money.

Many times, people erroneously use the terms “Mutual Funds”  and “SIP” interchangeably. Truthfully, Mutual funds are among the most inviting acquisitions for stock market investors aiming for portfolio diversification, and SIP is just one way to invest in Mutual Funds, while lump sum investment is the other. 

Unfolding the Magic of Compounding

Let’s examine the magic of compounding using an example:

YearBasic Principal AmountInterest (12% p.a)

Case 1: Investor keeps his accumulated interest aside​​


Amount Invested: 10,000

Total Interest Earned: 12,000

Total Value of Investment in 10 Years: 22,000

YearBasic Principal AmountInterest (12% p.a)

Case 2: Investor reinvests his money and let compounding do the wonders.


Amount Invested: 10,000

Total Interest Earned: 21,059

Total Value of Investment in 10 Years: 31,059.

Well, it might be confusing for investors to keep so many factors in mind and reckon how much, at what rate, and for how long to invest, and this is where the SIP return calculatoror Mutual Fund return calculator help. 

Wondering what a SIP return calculator or Mutual Fund return calculator is? We got you!

The SIP Return Calculator is an effective instrument that enables investors to get a picture of the returns on money invested in SIP. This tool is designed to● Assist you in the determination of the amount you want to invest● Give you an estimated value of the return that you will reap after the investment term.

Also, the Mutual Fund Return Calculator additionally helps investors in the calculation of the returns while making lump sum investments.

How to unfold the Magic of Compounding properly?

If done adequately, compounding enables you to appreciate the value of your investments. Let us understand how.1. Begin Investing Early: 
The key to success is to get started investing as soon as you can. It’s a good idea to begin your financial journey the day you get your first paycheck. If you haven’t begun investing theretofore, do so right away. If you put off saving, it might become challenging to get where you’re going.2. Regularity: Regular investing will make your portfolio more robust. The greatest way to build wealth is via consistent and targeted contributions. The only way to be disciplined and regular here is to set or establish priorities.

For example, if you earn ₹80,000 a month, set aside at least ₹500 (not a big deal, or is it?) for investments in SIP and let the magic of compounding begin.3. Have Patience: This is the aspect of wealth accumulation that matters the most. It is recommended not to make any rash or hasty investment decisions. It should be noted that the magic of compounding can only be felt and understood when investments are allowed to develop at their own speed. Even though it could seem like your assets are not growing, soon, with time, you will be surprised by what compounding can do for your investment portfolio after years of strategic and deliberate investing.

To Conclude:

Now that you are cognizant of the magic of compounding in SIP, start investing today. Irrespective of how modest a sum is, if you wait for compounding to kick in, your little money will eventually increase into a sizable sum.

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How Customer Support and Other Options Work

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The platform provides useful links for students who prefer to take advantage of many options. One of them leads to the reviews of top essay writing services, providing recommendations on the choice and correct use.

Another link presents 10 grammar checking tools that work well for any student, blogger, or copywriter.

There is one more link to the article that features top 7 essay checkers for college students. You will learn a lot about their pros and cons and get tips on using them.

Final Thoughts

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India’s Hero Mangal Pandey



Mangal Pandey

Mangal Pandey, born on July 19, 1827 (Akbarpur) and died on April 8, 1857 (Barrackpore), was an Indian solider who is known for the Sepoy mutiny, or popularly known as the First War of Independence of 1857.

Mangal Pandey was born into a Brahmin family of landowners in Faizabad, which is now in Uttar Pradesh in northern India. According to the sources, he was enrolled in the British East India Company’s army in 1859. He was a part of the 6th Company of the 34th Bengal Native Infantry, which dominantly had Brahmin Sepoys.

He was deployed at the Barrackpore Garrison when a new Enfield riffle was introduced in India, which required the solders to bite off the ends of the greased cartridges to load them. A hearsay surfaced among the Sepoys about the greased cartridges being lubricated with either cow or pig lard, which was not liked the Hindus nor the Muslims.

This was assumed to be a deliberate attempt by the Britishers to hurt the religious sentiments of the Indians, eventually leading to a revolt.Mangal Pandey on March 29, 1857, provoked  his fellow soldiers to attack the Britishers and also assaulted two British officers. He attempted to shoot himself after being restrained and was arrested. After a trial, he was sentenced to death and was hanged on April 8th, 1857. He was hanged 10 days prior to the scheduled date, which was April 18, because the Britishers feared a large-scale revolt. After his execution, an uprising was observed in May in Meerut opposing the use of the Enfield rifle.

July 19 is observed as Mangal Pandey Jayanti and the government of India in 1984 issued a commemorative postage stamp of his portrait.

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Opposition attempts for a Federal Front to face BJP in 2024 continue

Hyderabad: The ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi is facing a saffron roadblock in its endeavour to wrest the 150-member municipal body in Hyderabad. The TRS emerged as the single largest party in Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) elections winning 55 seats, but it was the BJP that showed a remarkable performance by winning 48 seats.

The strong performance by BJP came on the heels of its victory last month in Dubbak assembly seat. The party had wrested the seat from the ruling TRS.

The GHMC results have been declared on 149 of 150 seats with result in Neredmet division held.

Asaduddin Owaisi-led AIMIM won 44 seats and Congress two seats.

BJP leaders hailed the party’s strong performance in the elections.

Party chief J.P. Nadda said the “historic result” for BJP in Hyderabad GHMC elections shows people’s unequivocal support towards PM Narendra Modi’s development and governance model.

The newly elected corporators and 52 ex-officio members elect the Mayor. Since TRS has majority ex-officio members, it required 65 corporators to have its Mayor. The party may now have to negotiate power sharing agreement with the AIMIM if the latter doesn’t extend unconditional support. In 2009, when GHMC polls had thrown a similar verdict, the Congress had shared power with the MIM, leaving the post of Mayor to MIM for two years.

The post of Mayor this time has been reserved for woman.

The results have come as a huge shock to the TRS, which had bagged 99 seats in the 2016 polls. The BJP, which had secured only four seats in the previous elections, saw a big jump in its numbers to emerge as the second largest party, a position which MIM was enjoying.

The saffron party made big gains as it fought the polls this time with all the might at its disposal with top Central leaders and Union ministers campaigning for its candidates.

The police in Hyderabad, Cyberabad and Rachakonda have imposed a ban on victory rallies for the next 48 hours. Out of the total 74.67 lakh voters, 46.55 per cent had cast their votes in 149 divisions on Tuesday. There were 1,925 postal ballots.

Polling in one division was stopped due to discrepancy in ballot paper and re-poll was held on Thursday.

Union ministers Amit Shah, Prakash Javadekar and Smriti Irani, BJP president Nadda and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath campaigned for the BJP.

The campaign saw no holds barred attack by political opponents, while remarks by some leaders created controversies. The promise by the BJP leaders to change the name of Hyderabad to Bhagyanagar if the party is voted to power also sparked a row.


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Covid vaccine will be launched in a few weeks: PM Modi in all-party meet

The virtual meeting discusses the current Covid-19 scenario in the country; Prime Minister
Narendra Modi urges political parties to keep the masses aware and protect them from
rumours surrounding mass vaccination exercise

Brijesh Pandey & Sabyasachi Roy Chowdhury



NEW DELHI: In an all-party meet on Friday to discuss the Covid-19 situation in the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the vaccine is expected to be available “in the coming weeks”. During the virtual meeting, PM Modi and floor leaders of all parties discussed the present situation of the pandemic in the country. Notably, this was the second allparty meeting called by the Centre to discuss the matter since the outbreak of the pandemic. Addressing the meeting, Modi said that Indian scientists are very confident of succeeding in their endeavour of making a Covid vaccine. “The world is keeping a watch on the cheapest and safe vaccine,” he said.  About 12 leaders from prominent political parties, including Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Ghulam Nabi Azad (representing the Congress), Sudip Bandyopadhyay (Trinamool Congress) and Sharad Pawar of the NCP, attended the virtual meeting. Congress leader in Lok Sabha Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary also attended the meet. Apart from PM Modi, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, Home Minister Amit Shah and Health Minister Harsh Vardhan were present. Parliamentary Affairs Ministers Pralhad Joshi and Ministers of State in the same ministry, Arjun Ram Meghwal and V. Muraleedharan, also reached out to floor leaders for the meeting. PM Modi further stated, “India is one of the few countries where the testing and recovery rates are very high and the mortality rate is very low. Compared to developed countries, India has fought against Covid well and managed to save a lot of lives.” “From the time of fear and apprehensions in the months of February and March, when India reported its first Covid cases, to this atmosphere of ‘hope and confidence’ in December, India has come a long way,” he added.

A National Expert Group, that includes technical experts and officials of both the Central and state governments, has been constituted to shoulder the responsibility of the campaign related to the vaccine. The National Expert Group will take decisions collectively as per national and regional requirements. “Experts believe that the wait for a coronavirus vaccine will not be long, and it may be ready in a few weeks,” said PM Modi.

The PM also reportedly asked the representatives of various parties to send their suggestions in writing. “Public health will be the top priority as far as Covid-19 vaccine pricing is concerned, and states will be fully involved,” he said. Lok Sabha floor leader T.R. Baalu was the only one among the 13 Opposition and NDA allies who raised the issue of the ongoing farmers’ agitation at the end of the speech. However, Prahalad Joshi interrupted him and told him to stick to the topic. As per sources, the DMK leader retorted with, “For the last 10 days the farmers have been on the road and should not be ignored”. The two had a heated exchange, and according to sources, Baalu’s microphone was muted in the meeting ahead.

In his speech, PM Modi also urged political parties to keep the masses aware and protect them from rumours which are often spread whenever there is a mass vaccination exercise. “We must make sure that rumours are not spread during the vaccination, rumours that are anti-national and anti-human,” he said.

The Prime Minister further thanked the leaders of all parties for their valuable contribution in the fight against Covid, adding, “Jan Andolan and Jan Bhagidari with support of all political parties is the key for the success of India’s vaccination effort.” Along with this, Modi again appealed to citizens to be constantly alert and not let their guard down against the virus.

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Weaving a fabric of compassion

Covid-19 has hit Varanasi’s famous handwoven sector hard. But as Amrit Shah, owner of the wellknown label Shanti Banaras, says tough times demand tough measures laced with kindness.

Anshu Khanna



Benares is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend, and looks twice as old as all of them put together.” —Author Mark Twain, on Varanasi

The Assi Ghats of Varanasi are lyrical, mystical and mythical. As you tide across them in a hand-rowed boat, all you see are magnificent havelis and ashrams built by erstwhile maharajas, rich merchants and the landed aristocracy for their old and ailing to live in and look for eternal peace. Many of the leading Indian families lived in these homes and, whilst there looked for the finer things of life to fill their home with.

The women of the household began working closely with the local silk weavers to create masterpieces for their own use and to gift to their loved ones. Voila were born the kin khwabs, the brocades, the tanchois and the gold weaves. In short, a legacy we all know today as a Banarasi weave which became part of the Indian heritage fable. No trousseau was complete without an addition of a tanchoi or a brocade from Varanasi.

It was only in recent times that many brands emerged from this ancient town, making Banarasi silk a member of the haute couture club. The Daily Guardian catches up with one such brand, Shanti Banaras, which is two-generation old and has crafted masterpieces for many renowned brands before it flagged off its own well-orchestrated label, Shanti Banaras.

Led by Amrit Shah, Shanti Banaras adopts entire villages of weavers and employs them to work on designs that they create. And it is in these Covid times that both Amrit and his studio have shown exemplary patronage by nurturing their weavers, feeding their families and not cancelling a single order.

While talking about the plight of hand-made luxury post-Covid, Shah fears it will take a severe beating and be last on the priority of spends, especially in the scenario when festivities of all kind stand postponed. Excerpts:

Q. What is the impact of Covid-19 on the domestic market of handwoven textiles?

A. Handwoven textiles are a luxury product and when the times are tough, the consumer may restrict themselves completely or partially in indulging in acquiring such highvalue items. The postponement of weddings and the mentality to spend less on luxury products will take a toll at the handwoven sector. 

Q. In the list of luxury items, will the hand-made score at the lowest?

A. Well, there is another school of thought on this topic which says that the consumer that is aware of handlooms shall still continue to invest in it. And based on the historical consumer demographics, handloom customers are usually in the rich strata of the society and may continue to have the spending power. Although there may be certain postponement, but the industry will get back on its feet. 

Q. How will it impact the looms of Varanasi?

A. The impact on the looms is drastic due to an immediate slack after the lockdown is over so there may not be any immediate work as the production in hand will have to move first. This may be a hard time to sustain the looms and their artisans. It may also lead to production of lower value and commercial products.

Q. How should the textile Industry move forward post the lockdown?

A. It’s a very icy road post the lockdown and we need to step very carefully. We need to sustain the people working with us and improvise and give something new to the market. The process of business is going to change, there’ll be more planning to consumer tastes with precise production for the precise customer. There’ll have to be greater efforts made to woo the customer back into the right mindset. If at all the levels everyone pushes then only the engine will kick start again.

Q. Will the depression lead to precedence of power looms over hand looms?

A. The weaver might make that shift for making easier money. The buyer might be tempted. But the real connoisseur will still look the pleasure of wearing something woven by hand. That happiness in unparalleled.

Q. How do you think the policymakers/ government can help at this time?

A. There are great efforts that have been put by the government to maintain positivity and help the weavers during the lockdown, but once it opens they rely solely on the companies they have been associated with. I feel that a relief on such companies with taxes and incentives to promote and produce textiles shall help the industry overall. Although thinking practically, this may not be possible for the government as this is a hard time for everyone. So just the positive spirit and to ensure a healthy environment for us to work, rest we shall fight this and get back on our own.

Q. The wedding markets will be at an all-time low post-Covid. How will that affect the textile industry?

A. The weddings have been postponed and those that may continue will have less spending and fewer guests. Since the handloom saree sector majorly depends on events and marriages for the majority of its sale, this may have a scarring effect on the industry. Yet, most of them are postponed till late November, December so in turn the market may lift itself during those times. We have to wait and see if the postponement leads to better results that time.

Q. What is Shanti Banaras doing to support its master weavers?

A. Our organisation is involved with over 1,500 master weavers and process leaders who in turn employ a total of 10,000 people. We have made small payments even during the time of lockdown to our weavers and others who have been calling us for help. We have paid our salaries in full and given positive assurance to all that even in the future we shall work together and overcome, “whatever may come in the future”. Apart from that, we have been distributing rations via our weavers to the poor living in their locality. And to auto-wallas and other people who have been associated with us. Tough times call for tough measures laced with kindness and at the end of the day all that the weaver wants is work and money for raw material and we have ensured both.

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