The success of our efforts in any task depends to a great extent on how strong-minded we are and what we do to achieve our goal. Even on the spiritual path, one cannot improve the self or serve others without a firm resolve that is translated into effective action.

But what is a strong mind? It is a mind free of negative influences; one that is full of good wishes and elevated feelings. Those with a powerful mind can help a distressed person calm down; with their elevated feelings they give courage to the hopeless, turn cynics into optimists, and even enable others to change their outlook, thus giving them a new direction in life.

With elevated feelings one can serve everyone, and this kind of service – giving others subtle support to help them face challenges – is very much needed now. But only those who always wish others well can do it. Such souls are not choosy or discriminatory in deciding who to help. They try to uplift even those who hurt others, by encouraging them to give up damaging patterns of thinking and behaviour. Since they aim to do more than just live a good life, they look to contribute to society, and their generosity inspires others to do the same.

Because they do not have selfish expectations of people, they are not upset by the defects in others. Their conduct remains kind, cooperative and supportive. They do not make deals in their relationships: “They should first do this, then I will do something for them” or “This one should at least do something.”

Since such souls are free from the graspingness that comes from wants and desires, others naturally gravitate towards them, secure in the knowledge that they will become richer from the relationship. This is the easy and effective way of serving others through a powerful mind.

B.K. Geeta is a Rajyoga teacher at the Brahma Kumaris headquarters in Abu Road, Rajasthan.

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