What is a sweeper-keeper?


Goalkeepers are some of the most important parts of any football game. You can check live cricket betting odds – 1xBet also features excellent rates to wager on football matches. As with many other aspects of the sport, keepers have also evolved a lot over the years. Initially, their job was simply to stand over the goal line and try their best in preventing the other team from scoring goals.

However, as the game evolved and became more dynamic, so did the role of the goalkeeper. Here is where the concept of a sweeper-keeper comes into place. Here, rather than being a static player that only enters into action to save his goal, sweeper-keepers basically serve as an extra outfield player. The 1xBet website has great live cricket and football betting odds that can be used on matches that feature fantastic goalkeepers.

Roles of the sweeper-keeper

Some of the first names to be recognized as sweeper-keepers were Lev Yashin and Gyula Grosics. They were much more talented with the ball than most of their counterparts. This allowed them to play much farther from the goal, ready to catch long passes that went into the opposing forwards. There are live odds for cricket and football when visiting 1xBet, which can be used when wagering on talented keepers.

Sweeper-keepers are also capable of building plays by themselves. Their talent with the ball on their feet allows them to advance with it and give long and accurate passes that can reach their forward teammates. If necessary, they can also give short but accurate passes to their nearest teammates, who can then start building plays. The live odds for football and cricket are definitely the most competitive in the market, and can be used for wagering on excellent matches.

Examples of these kinds of goalkeepers

To the delight of fans, there are plenty of goalkeepers who have become famous due to their sweeper-keeper abilities. They have been crucial for their teams by being much more active members for them. You can now try the live stream football on 1xBet, which can be used in order to see what those talented keepers are doing.

Some excellent sweeper-keepers of the modern era include:

  • Manuel Neuer;
  • Claudio Bravo;
  • Ederson Moraes;
  • and Hugo Lloris.

All of these goalkeepers are exceptionally good with the ball on their feet. They have been signed by the teams in which they have played for exactly that reason. They have the ability of supporting their defensive line much closer, freeing them to do other tasks. The live football streamings that are present on 1xBet can be used in order to follow the best goalkeepers that this sport has to offer.