What India Is Listening To: A deep dive into the best book podcasts

India has a rich literary history, and with the rise of podcasts, book lovers can now indulge in discussions about their favourite books and authors. These podcasts offer a sense of community for book lovers and provide a platform for engaging conversations about literature.

Indian Noir by Nikesh Murali
This fascinating podcast offers crime and horror stories set in India. The podcast is perfect for those who love listening to audio books and want to explore Indian literature. The stories are relevant to the times we are living in, making the podcast even more engaging.
Lit Pickers hosted by Supriya Nair and Deepanjana Pal
These boss women discuss books, literary festivals, Jane Austen, mythology, and much more. The podcast offers insightful observations and is perfect for those who love the written word. The banter between the two hosts makes listeners feel like they are part of a chai-time conversation between friends.

Paperback by Raachyeta Sharma and Satyajit Roy
This podcast features interviews with entrepreneurs, nutritionists, and experts from different industries. The guests recommend their favourite non-fiction books and discuss how these books have helped them on their journeys. It also provides deep insights into the lives of the featured guests and great book recommendations.

Booknerds Podcast
This unique podcast is hosted by seasoned book podcaster and co-founder, of Booknerds, Rohan Raj who has moderated over 250 book sessions since the inception of Booknerds, a literary startup that he co-founded with his wife Neha Raj in October 2015 to revolutionise how book lovers read and engage with authors. It showcases wonderful books, authors, and engaging stories. It features scintillating conversations with India’s favourite authors, editors, and publishers. If you want to dive deep into books, this one is a must-watch/listen.

Books And Beyond With Bound
This podcast is hosted by Tara Khandelwal and Michelle D’Costa. It features interviews with Indian authors who discuss their personal lives, publishing journeys, and favourite books. The conversations are full of unique insights and banter, making them a delight for listeners.

The Penguin Podcast
Last, but surely the cherry atop the cake, this podcast hosted by Penguin Books India, features top authors and thinkers who discuss writing and publishing. The podcast provides valuable advice for those interested in the process of writing and publishing.

Let’s hear from you next!
These book podcasts are perfect for Indian book lovers who want to explore Indian literature and engage in literary discussions. They offer a sense of community and a platform for unique insights and perspectives on literature. Now, it’s your turn! Let us know which podcasts you are listening to and if you are going to try some of the ones we recommended.

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