At this particular time, many people are asking themselves and others ‘what’s happening, what’s going on?’. Some time ago, in Australia, a radio host asked his listeners the same question and then asked them; given the calamities, diseases and conflicts in the world, did they think that it was just ‘business as usual’ or was it different. A few phoned in and said they thought it was the same as it had always been. However, a great many said, no, something is going on, there is something in the air – a deep shift in the soul of humanity – it is very difficult to pinpoint exactly what it is, but it is palpable. There seems to be a sense of deep anxiety about the future.

However, perhaps we are asking the wrong question. Perhaps the question should not be ‘what’s going on?’ but ‘what do I need to do now?’.

The Brahma Kumaris have an understanding of what is needed now, but it is important to remember that each of us has our own journey, and we need to respect the journey of every individual because not everyone is on the same one. However, it is interesting that 80 per cent of people do believe they are more than just a body. This belief is key in understanding what is needed and what is unfolding.

We understand that there are three eternal energies. The individual soul, a point of consciousness with no dimension and completely indestructible. The Supreme Soul, who in form is exactly the same, and the material world. The whole story, from the beginning, through the middle to the end, depends on the interplay of these three eternal energies. We call this interaction, life. As things change during the interaction, we put a label on the changes, and call them, time.

Eternity is a fascinating concept and in terms of time, the only possible motion of eternity is a cycle. This is a widely held belief among ancient peoples and religions. So, what is the story of the soul through this cycle of time?

We understand that there is a ‘springtime’ of the world of matter, the earth, and of the souls who are present at that time. It is a world of truth and beauty. This is followed by a ‘summertime’, when more souls are present and still enjoy a world of peace and love. As time passes the energy of the souls gradually depletes and then they begin a search, that lasts through the next age of ‘autumn’, looking for a way to return to the perfection that has been lost. That is the era of the arrival of all religions and religious founders offering some kind of solace.

Finally, the earth enters the age of darkness, of ‘winter’, where nothing is what it seems when chaos and suffering increase as the souls become more and more lost and embedded in the world of matter, bodies, objects, creating attachment, and fear of loss.

That is the time for the Supreme Soul, God, to educate souls as to who they really are and how to return to the state of this consciousness filled with love. This is the age of the confluence of the old and the new and arrives at the time of the deepest darkness and suffering.

All the soul has to do is to recognise the truth of being eternal, and connect in yoga with the Supreme Soul to heal the self and the world. What I need to do now is to live a simple, pure life, let go of the past and prepare for the future.

Charlie Hogg, based in Sydney, is the National Coordinator, Brahma Kumaris, Australia.