What Are the Types Of Pharmacies And Their Features?


The pharmacy in Australia is an organization, a structural subdivision of a medical institution that retails medicines, as well as stores, transports, manufactures, and dispenses medicines for medical use. The main purpose of a pharmacy is to sell medications, medical devices, and other products for profit.

Varieties of pharmacies

A pharmacy Australia is traditionally considered a healthcare institution, and its activities are formulated as “providing pharmaceutical assistance to the population.” This care includes counseling the doctor and the patient to develop the most effective and safe course of treatment. There are main types of pharmacies:

  • community pharmacy;
  • clinical pharmacy (in hospitals and other medical centers);
  • industrial pharmacy;
  • consulting pharmacy;
  • regulatory pharmacy;
  • home care pharmacy.

The main task of the pharmacy is the sale to the population, medical institutions, and other organizations of manufactured and finished medicines, medical products, and other related products. 

Features of community pharmacy in Australia

This is the most spread kind of pharmacy Australia or chemist store, performing the following functions:

  • sale to the population of medicines according to doctor’s prescriptions, except for narcotic drugs, psychotropic, potent, and poisonous substances;
  • dispensing of medicines free of charge or at a discount to certain groups of the population in accordance with the current legislation of the state;
  • sale of medicinal products, including disinfectants, personal hygiene items, optics, mineral waters, baby and dietary food, cosmetics, and herbal medications in their original packaging; 
  • providing the public with the necessary information on the proper use and storage of medicines at home;
  • provision of first aid;
  • providing advice to ensure responsible self-treatment.

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Industrial pharmacy Australia: functions

Such a type of pharmacy in Australia carries out these functions:

  • research, manufacture, and sale of medicines according to the prescriptions of doctors and the requirements of health care institutions,
  • providing quality control of the medications;
  • the manufacture of intra-pharmaceutical preparations in accordance with approved prescriptions and the packaging of medicines and medicinal plant materials with their subsequent sale;
  • providing the workers of health care institutions with necessary information about medicines available in the pharmacy;
  • giving the advice to ensure responsible self-treatment.

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What is the role of the pharmacy?

Depending on the needs of the patient, the pharmacist can provide informational or therapeutic support, which includes:

  • help in understanding the mechanism of the disease and methods of its treatment;
  • informing about the proper use of medicines;
  • assistance in acquiring skills in the use of drugs that require a certain method of administration (for example, inhaled drugs);

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