West Bengal: 50-year-old man shot dead after entering Teesta Firing Range

A 50-year-old man was shot dead after he entered the Teesta Firing Range, Saugaon during a live fire drill, informed officials.
The deceased was identified as Tilak Bahadur Rai. “It has been confirmed that the individual entered the restricted zone of Teesta Field Firing Range with the likely intention of scrap collection and an artillery shell exploded near him and he lost his life,” read an official release.
According to the release, the Field Firing Range is on the banks of Teesta River and the area is a notified firing range. As per Standard Operating Procedure, all clearances from the local administration, and police station were obtained and villagers were notified about the firing practices in advance.
However, the deceased’s family has not yet lodged an FIR, officials said.
“The unfortunate loss of life, once again highlights the dangers posed by entry into the impact area of the field firing range, which results in such tragedies,” stated the release.
“The Indian Army remains steadfast in its professional conduct and expresses a deep sense of empathy for the departed soul,” it read further.

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