WE WOMEN WANT: Vedica program encourages women to stay focused in work life

This week as a Women’s Day Special we have a two part show on We Women Want where we speak directly to stakeholders themselves. We reached out to the young professionals of today and spoke to groups of young women who have just begun their work life or have just graduated and ask them about their work-life choices, as well as their views on marriage, adoption, divorce, equal pay, going out alone at night and how they see themselves as young women of today. Also, what kind of a future do they want, the laws they want changed and the attitudes they can do without. The young women came to us from the Vedica Scholars Program for Women and Anuradha Das Mathur, the Founder & Dean at Vedica helped us curate this conversation. Anuradha made a good point about balancing both responsibilities and power on the show, for as she points out the Vedica progam doesnt just prepare you to enter the work life but stresses more importance on helping you stay #DontQuit. We Women Want is a weekly show that explores issues that are gender specific and has become a support group for women. The show is moderated by Priya Sahgal, Snr Executive Editor at NewsX.

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