We will win with max number of seats: BJP gujarat president


Ahead of the Gujarat Assembly polls, Bharatiya Janata Party state president CR Patil on Thursday exuded confidence in the party winning the election with the maximum number of seats and said that the people of Gujarat are happy with the work done in the state under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
“PM Narendra Modi has said that I am fighting to break my own record, Bharatiya Janata Party will fulfil their promises, will win Gujarat with the maximum number of seats. This time, the people of Gujarat are saying that Modi ji’s hard work and our trust will take Gujarat further,” said BJP state president CR Patil in an interview with the press. Patil said that the names of the candidates have been discussed thoroughly, all the facts have been seen, and after going to every booth and discussing with the workers, a list has been made. A good result is expected given the support.
“This time more women have been given the responsibility than before. There is a possibility of more women members joining the party for the other 22 seats,” he said.
Lauding the efforts of the BJP for giving chance to the youth he said that people want the youth to come forward, BJP has been giving chance to not only the youth but also women.
“It is a very good thing that youth will get a chance, people want that this time the youth should be given a chance, the women should be given a chance. Bharatiya Janata Party gives a chance to the youth and women and the backward society, the small societies have also been given a chance,” he added.
Talking about the impact of the Morbi bridge collapse incident on BJP in the upcoming elections he said that the Morbi incident will have a positive impact because the government took prompt action.
“The soldiers of the military were sent there for the rescue work. Chief Minister and Home Minister reached the spot and stayed there for 24 hours, the whole system was at work, all the workers of the Bharatiya Janata Party jumped into the river there and they did the rescue work. People of Morbi also saw it and appreciated it, so there is a positive atmosphere there,” he claimed.
BJP State President CR Patil further added that the Morbi Bridge was not built during the tenure of the BJP government, but was built 150 years ago and was operated by third-party people. Therefore, the people in Morbi have faith and believe in the party.
Talking about PM Modi’s slogan “We made this Gujarat”, he said that people are getting involved in it.
He further added that the “Mai Khush Hu” campaign has been started in Gujarat.
“The way the law and order is under control, the girls who go to college are safe. Farmers say that Narmada water came to our farms so “Mai Khush Hu”. The campaign has been spread through social media and various other mediums,” he said.