Q. When you look back at the year gone by, how was 2020 for you?

A. Like everybody, 2020 was a year full of struggles for me too. But if I have to look at the positives, it was a year which brought a lot of gratitude, spiritual awakening and meditation practice for me. Despite all the odds, this year has changed me as a person and I can feel it.

Q. What was a lockdown learning for you?

A. My biggest learning was to be grateful for all that we have — big and small. Instead of cribbing about the lockdown, I was grateful that I was locked in with my loved ones, my family and my dogs. I was grateful for the food on my plate and the comfort of a home.

Q. What did you miss the most doing this year and why?

A. I missed working the most. Ever since I started working, I’d never stayed home for so many months at a stretch. Even though I was doing some work from home, but there’s nothing like being on the set. I also missed meeting my friends as we catch up in big groups and that has still not resumed.

Q. Professionally, how was the year for you?

A. It was a very mixed year for me. It started with a bang as my film had released in January. Even though it didn’t garner the kind of box-office numbers we expected, the songs did really well. When the lockdown happened in March, a lot of people watched the movie on Netflix and I got some amazing feedback for my performance. I was on a high from November 2019 to March 2020 as I was either shooting or making appearances and travelling in and out of the city. After such a jam-packed schedule, the lockdown happened and I had to be at home so it took a while to get used to it. But thankfully, work continued even from home. I was about to shoot a film, ‘Boondi Raita’, in April, which got pushed. Digital ad shoots took some time and kept me busy. I read a few scripts and also started my YouTube channel during the lockdown.

Q. What was the lowest moment for you this year?

A. When a very close friend’s dog passed away, I got really disturbed. He was very close to me. I went for his cremation and it was an ironic moment as my friend was crying and I couldn’t even hug him, given the circumstances.

Q. What was the best moment for you this year?

A. After things started opening up recently, I went to Mysore for me time. I went alone for a yoga vacation, ate some good healthy saatvik food and detoxed my mind. I take these yoga vacations every year and this 10-day trip to Mysore made me really happy. I loved it.

Q. What do you believe will change in the entertainment industry after this year?

A. We have already started seeing the change, which reaffirms that content is king! Anything that has good content will succeed and win people’s hearts, the mediums/platforms don’t matter anymore. A show with good content has the power of giving any platform recognition. OTT is an amazing space to explore now, not just for the audience, but also for the actors.

Q. How do you see the OTT boom in India? Do you believe the digital medium is here to stay and how will it change things for you?

A. OTT had already picked up before the lockdown but post that it got a boom. I don’t see people going to the cinemas. My mom and I are avid moviegoers but we don’t really miss that anymore as we love to watch our favourite shows/films on OTT. Our industry is making some great content be it shows or films. It’s only going to go up from here.

Q. What is your New Year’s resolution?

A. I’m not a big fan of New Year resolutions but I do believe in having resolutions throughout the year. After the lockdown, my resolution was to be grateful and remind myself of all the blessings. I want to grow spiritually and mentally. Fitness of both the mind and body is necessary.

Q. What are your hopes as you look forward to 2021?

A. I pray for everybody and hope it’s a healthy and safe year. May the pandemic only go down from here and may all of us come out of it safe and healthy and remember the lessons that 2020 taught us.

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