Yash Swami, Founder of Trainedbyyvs, recently had a candid conversation with NewsX as part of NewsX India A-List wherein he shared his inspiring fitness journey and his mantra for a healthy lifestyle.

Yash Vardhan Swami is a well-known health and fitness trainer as well as one of India’s top health coaches. He is also well-known for his expertise, which includes everyone from teenagers to celebrities. Yash Vardhan is popular in the industry due to his extensive knowledge of physical exercise routines and diet plans, as well as his successful outcomes.

Tracing his inspiring fitness journey while studying law at Punjab University, he said, “It started with my transformation, back in 2012, when I lost 44 Kgs, I made a lot of mistakes at that time. But somehow I was able to achieve my goal. After that, I started pursuing law but while doing that, I helped a few friends of mine to achieve their fitness goals. While helping those friends transform and change their lives, I realised that I enjoy doing it. Then I started educating people on it.”

When asked how he dealt with problems in the past year where people might have lacked motivation while working out at home, Yash Vardhan replied, “Having a coach would always help you during hard times. But most of the time it’s the client who has to put in efforts. Talking about 2020, it was a very different year since we could not go out, everyone was scared for the most part and gyms were closed. But still, instead of working out, we started working in and improving our health. So I and my team planned nutrition of the clients around home workouts and focused on mindfulness.”

Talking about the risky problems of losing weight by eating the wrong food and going on crash diets, he said, “I like backing everything up with science, anecdotes, and experience. Still, the cool part about my coaching process is that I have made massive amounts of mistakes that my clients would potentially make. So they can relate to me. Besides that, backing everything up with science and evidence works as it’s easy to not trust a person but you can’t negate science. Besides that, there are a lot of facts or a lot of people propagating wrong stuff due to misinformation or lack of knowledge.”

“Every client and their transformation is special to me. We have helped people from various niches and those having different kinds of issues. So transformations have been versatile from the age group of 16 to 60 years,” he added.

Speaking about the fitness modules he offered, Yash Vardhan mentioned, “If someone is coaching under me, my goal is that everything in their life should improve from health markers to mental health, not just the way they look. I advocate mindfulness, meditation, and other ways of maintaining mental wellbeing. I try to implicate each and everything.”

Responding to a question related to the rising stress in people’s lives due to the job loss in the pandemic, he suggested, “Firstly, make sure you are inhaling deep and exhaling even deeper. Secondly, manage your thoughts, whenever you have a stressor, you need to address it sooner or later or it will catch up on its own. So it’s crucial to find the stressor and work around it. And if you cannot do so then do not stress over it. Thirdly, stay in the present moment as all of our worries come either from regrets of the past or anxiousness about the future. So, stay in the present moment and meditation is essentially doing that.”

On a concluding note, Yash Vardhan shared his fitness mantra, “Fix your nutrition and focus on training, sleep mindset, and stress management. Also, work on your mindset because, as I mentioned, only can do it. It cannot be gifted or bought.”

“If someone is coaching under me, my goal is that everything in their life should improve from health markers to mental health, not just the way they look.”