‘We have limited quality shooting ranges in India’

Ace shooter Gauri Sheoran talks about her preparations for the Olympic trials and her itch to pursue a career in fashion.

Q. How are you dealing with the pressure of “Tokyo Trials”?

 A. There is always pressure in the back of your mind because everyone has expectations from you. So in this situation, you need to think about your preparations instead of thinking about the result you will get. And working hard you end up with a good result. Focus is the key.

Q. Tell us about your training routine?

 A. For the Olympic trials, I am working on various factors like mental focus, physical fitness, nutrition, sleep, and training. Coach plays an important role because he rectifies you every moment. And I also prefer “quality training over quantity”. Three hours in a day and 5 days a week — I think this is enough for me.

Q. Did the postponement of the Olympics affect you in any way?

A. We have one whole year to get stronger and better. No matches or tournaments are going on, so we can use this time to work more on our mental strength, which is very vital for a sport like shooting.

Q. How do you work on your mental fitness?

A. I do yoga thrice a week and indulge in meditation daily. While playing for a crucial point, it is very important to hold your nerves under the pressure.

Q. How do you see the competition in the upcoming Olympic trials?

 A. I think instead of anyone, you should compete with yourself. You can’t work over anyone’s strategies, you can only change what is in your hands.

Q. Do we have enough facilities in India?

A. We have limited quality shooting ranges in our county — Delhi, Pune and Kerala only. We need to build ranges in every corner of the country. So that’s how more shooters will come up with the best of their talent. Going abroad and training there is not an affordable option for everyone.

Q. The Birmingham Commonwealth Games is excluding shooting. How do you think about this?

A. It was very shocking to me. If they are hosting all the events why would they exclude shooting? Every sport should be prioritised equally.

Q. Is there anything you want to do after winning a medal in the Olympics?

A. One thing that I want to do after winning a medal is fashion. Right now I am having some free time so I am doing online courses related to it. I am interested in fashion. I want to pursue fashion as well, though shooting will always remain a part of my life.