We focus on educational values and immersive fun for children: Dhamdhere

In an exclusive interview with ‘The Daily Guardian’, CMO of KidZania talks about the concept of entertainment and learning for the children. Excerpts: Q. What is the unique point about KidZania and why should parents bring their child to this place? A. At KidZania, children enjoy an unparalleled educational and immersive experience. Our unique concept […]

In an exclusive interview with ‘The Daily Guardian’, CMO of KidZania talks about the concept of entertainment and learning for the children.


Q. What is the unique point about KidZania and why should parents bring their child to this place?
A. At KidZania, children enjoy an unparalleled educational and immersive experience. Our unique concept combines entertainment and learning, providing a safe environment for kids to explore grown-up roles. Through real-life role-playing activities, they develop essential life skills and gain a deeper understanding of different careers. We also emphasize financial literacy, teaching them the value of money and budgeting. We understand the significance of financial education in today’s world, which is why we have incorporated elements such as earning, spending, and saving KidZos (our currency). Safety is our top priority, with rigorous measures and dedicated staff ensuring a positive experience. Overall, KidZania stands out as a unique destination that combines entertainment, education, and real-world experiences, providing children with a valuable platform for learning, self-discovery, and personal growth. It offers parents the opportunity to expose their children to diverse career options, develop essential life skills, and create lasting memories in a safe and stimulating environment. We are elated that on 29th August 2023, it will be 10 years since KidZania came to India. Over this decade, we have had over 7.5 million children engage and leave with a smile!

Q. KidZania is now a brand and it experiences all across the various locations. So what is the difference between global and Indian KidZania areas?
A. KidZania is indeed a renowned global brand with a presence in over 26 cities across 23 countries. In India, our parks are in Mumbai and Noida. While our visitors get a consistent and immersive experience across all our locations, there are certain elements that make each KidZania unique and tailored to the local culture and community. For example, in the case of our parks in India, we have incorporated specific elements that reflect the rich diversity and heritage of Indian culture. We have over 100+ role-playing activities across both the parks, highlighting global as well as traditional professions and cultural practices to the inclusion of local brands and establishments. We aim to provide an authentic and relatable experience for kids in India.
Furthermore, KidZania India focuses on addressing the specific needs and interests of the Indian market. We understand the importance of education, and thus, we collaborate with local educational institutions and industrial experts to ensure that our activities align with the curriculum and learning objectives of Indian schools. Ultimately, while the core KidZania experience remains consistent worldwide, KidZania India offers a unique blend of global standards and local inclusions, providing children in India with a truly immersive and culturally relevant experience.
Q. What kind of message do you use to attract both parents and children?
A. KidZania India focuses on two key aspects: educational value and immersive fun for children. Our brand messaging targets parents, highlighting the educational benefits and essential life skills children develop through engaging in role-playing activities. We emphasize real-world experiences and their positive impact on personal and academic growth. KidZania is a unique platform that provides this combination of education and learning which makes the parents explore for their children in this digital era.
For children, we create excitement and adventure, highlighting the opportunity to explore passions, be a hero, and experience independence in a safe environment. Our messaging strikes a balance between educational value and immersive fun, resonating with both parents and children. It assures parents of their child’s learning and development while enticing children with thrilling and educational adventures, creating fun and memorable moments in activities that mirror the real world.
Q. What plans or preparations do you have in place to encourage repeat visits and positive reviews of the visitors?
A. At KidZania, we value visitor feedback and constantly strive to improve the guest experience. We regularly update activities to offer new and exciting experiences, encouraging repeat visits. Providing exceptional customer service is a top priority, and our dedicated staff ensures that each visitor has a memorable time. We actively seek feedback through surveys and online platforms to promptly address any concerns. Word-of-mouth recommendations are crucial to us, so we foster a sense of community through special events, brand collaborations, and loyalty programs that reward frequent visitors. These initiatives create a sense of belonging and incentivize guests to share their positive experiences. By focusing on continuous improvement, exceptional service, and cultivating a sense of community, our aim is to encourage repeat visits and garner positive reviews from our valued guests.
Q. What are your future plans?
A. KidZania India prioritises constant innovation and growth. Speaking of our future plans include expanding our offerings, activities, brand associations, and locations. We aim to introduce engaging role-playing experiences that align with evolving children’s interests. By staying current with educational and entertainment trends, we provide a dynamic and enriching environment. Additionally, we are actively exploring opportunities to establish KidZania in new locations globally, believing in its positive impact on children’s lives. Investments in cutting-edge technologies, such as virtual reality, will enhance the guest experience, immersing children in the world of KidZania and igniting their curiosity for learning. We are excited about the future and the chance to bring our unique experience to more communities worldwide.

Q. Since KidZania’s establishment in India in 2013, how has it added to the ‘experiential learning’ experience for kids?
A. KidZania in India has revolutionised experiential learning for children. Through immersive role-playing activities and brand associations, kids engage in real-life scenarios, learning through hands-on edutainment. Stepping into professional roles fosters curiosity and passion while developing vital life skills like problem-solving and teamwork. Collaboration with local educational institutions aligns activities with the school curriculum, complementing academic journeys. KidZania India enhances the concept of experiential learning, empowering children to navigate the real world with confidence while having fun and exciting experiences.
Q. As of now KidZania has just 2 centers in India – Mumbai & Delhi. How does KidZania plan to extend their ‘experiential learning’ experience for kids in other cities?
A. While KidZania currently has centers in Mumbai and Delhi, we are committed to bringing this exhilarating experience to children in other cities across India. We recognize the importance of providing this immersive platform to a wider audience. Hence, our expansion plans involve identifying key cities with strong demand and potential for the KidZania concept. Our experts conduct extensive research to understand local preferences, demographics, and cultural nuances, ensuring our offerings resonate with each city’s specific needs. Additionally, we actively seek partnerships with local investors, developers, and organisations to facilitate the establishment of new KidZania centers in different regions. These collaborations enable us to leverage local expertise and resources, ensuring successful implementation of our ‘experiential learning’ model. By expanding to other cities, our goal is to reach more children, providing them with opportunities to explore, learn, and develop vital life skills in an engaging and immersive environment.