Brahmapuram waste treatment plant fire continues on Day 3

Firefighters struggled to douse a fire at Brahmapuram waste treatment plant in Kerala’s Kochi for the third consecutive day on Saturday with officials saying that the situation could be brought in control by evening.

Indian Navy helicopters are in surveillance at the spot, and a team of personnel is working with the fire and rescue team. “16 pumping units of the Fire and Rescue Services and six JCBs working together to douse the fire,” officials said.

The fire broke out on Thursday evening. Later, it spread further to the east, the fire official said stating that in the absence of rain, the waste is dry and has made the situation grave.
The smoke from the fire has spreads across the nearest places of Kochi. Officials said that the fire is expected to be doused by evening.

“Our aim is to bring the fire under control by this evening. The Navy is also at the scene since last night,” M Anil Kumar, Mayor of Kochi said.

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