Vivacious depiction of visual symbols

Inspired by the pandemic and lockdown that followed, noted painter Nayanaa Kanodia will be showcasing her new works in a solo show at Mumbai’s Jehangir Art Gallery from March 21. In ‘A Tryst with Destiny’ the artist brings forth the compromise between man and the situations due to the pandemic and how one has come to adapt with the situations and surroundings due to it.
“We now survive with materiality, joy, sorrow and humour. Through my brightly coloured paintings with figures looking straight out from the canvas, I bring a contemplative mirror effect in the viewer’s mind, in which the duality of observer and observed gradually disappears,” says Nayanaa adding that her work has multiple narrations in one frame with vivacious depiction of visual symbols of everyday life, intricate patterns and details where she presents a picture within a picture to indicate toward the experiential perplexity rooted in the multiplicity of reality. Although a number of the paintings are set indoors, trees, foliage and birds are skillfully integrated in them

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