Virat Kohli praises Anushka’s sacrifice towards her family


Cricketer Virat Kohli is forever grateful to his wife Anushka Sharma for being an inspiration and for bringing abundant love into his life. In his recent RCB Podcast with Danish Sait, Virat got candid and talked about his personal and professional life in detail. The highlight of the heartfelt conversation is Virat talking about Anushka.
Sharing how he draws strength, and inspiration from Anushka’s motherhood journey, Virat said, “I have gotten a lot of inspiration from home. We have had a child. It has been an unbelievably life-changing and transforming process, for parents yes but for a mother especially. For a mother, it’s life changing completely. And how she has been so strong through it and how she has been able to take all the challenges that have come in her way. And I have seen everything. I have seen the transformation happen. That gave me so much strength and inspiration to say what I am experiencing is not even 5 per cent of what she has gone through. It is selfless, it is unconditional. You also need to put things in the right perspective.”