Vinod Kamble’s ‘Kastoori’ to release in theatres on November 3


Filmmaker Vinod Kamble’s “Kastoori” will be released in theatres on November 3, the makers announced on Thursday.
The movie, which had won the National Award for best children’s film in 2019, is being presented by filmmakers Anurag Kashyap and Nagraj Manjule. It will be distributed by Cinepolis Distribution team.
“Kastoori”, titled “The Musk” in English, follows the story of a 14-year-old boy, who is engaged in manual scavenging and post-mortem and is prejudiced and teased for the smell of his body. It depicts how the young boy comes across the scent of Kastoori and struggles for education and discovery of self.
Kashyap called the movie an “important film of our times”.
“It’s a kind of a story which very few filmmakers can tell well. Vinod is a director who understands the world well and thus has made a beautiful film around a heartbreaking story. That’s what brought me and Nagraj together to present it to the world. We are sure that the audience will love the film as much as we did,” the filmmaker said in a statement.
Manjule said, “Kastoori is a real story being told by a filmmaker who knows the circumstances and the difficulties faced by the kids of manual scavengers. He’s made such a good film around it and won a National Award for it. Anurag and I are sure that the story will resonate with every viewer.” “Kastoori” is an Insight Films production.