Uttarakhand: Bridge washed away in Pithoragarh after heavy rainfall and cloudbursts

Pithoragarh bridge washed away due to flooding and storms

Bridge collapsed

The connection between Om Parvat Kalapani and Gunji was severed as a result of a vehicle and a bridge being washed away in the Nachti drain on the Lipulekh border of the border tehsil Dharchula of Pithoragarh district.

Amid the increase in water levels in the drain on Tuesday night, the road from Gujin towards Kalapani has been also destroyed. To avoid adverse consequences, the army had informed Kali Pani Post about the sudden rise of water but till then the dancing drain created havoc.
Sarpanch Lakshmi Gunjyal told that there has been a lot of difficulty in the movement of vehicles and the army. The people of the village are helping.

Dharchula Joint Magistrate Divesh Shashani said that the army’s cooperation is being taken. He told that on receiving the information, relief work has been started. The team of Gunji Patwari and Revenue has been sent.
He added that the army has also been asked to help by being alert.

Incessant rainfall in the hilly and plain areas in Uttarakhand for the past nine days has resulted in an increase in water levels of the rivers and the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) teams have been told to remain on high alert, authorities said on Wednesday.
As per SDRF officials, nine days of constant rain in Uttarakhand’s hilly and plain regions caused the rivers’ water levels to rise, subsequently, the SDRF personnel have been instructed to maintain a high degree of alertness.

“River Ganga is once again in spate as a result of constant rain that has been falling in the plains and hills of all of Uttarakhand for the past nine days, increasing the risk of flooding in the nearby areas. With the unexpected increase in the water level of river Ganga, there is a danger of flood in the coastal areas of Mayakund, Chandrabhaga, Chandreshwarnagar etc,” said officials.
SDRF Commandant, Manikant Mishra, instructed various SDRF teams to be on high alert amid these circumstances.

The SDRF officers and jawans have been instructed to maintain a state of alertness at all times due to the potential threat that the Ganga’s rising water level may present.