Uttar Pradesh: Police constable shot dead in Jalaun

A police constable on duty was slain by miscreants near the Orai Kotwali highway outpost in the early hours of Tuesday, according to authorities.

The deceased constable was now identified as Bhedjit Singh. According to police, miscreants on motorcycles opened fire on the cop when he flashed them a torch.

In a statement, the Superintendent of Police from Jalaun, Dr Iraj Raja said,”Bhedjit Singh, who was posted at the highway police station of Orai Kotwali on late night duty.

“Around 1.30 am on seeing a bike approaching him he flashed a torch at the vehicle. In the meantime, miscreants opened fire at the constable after which he started chasing them. The miscreants however kept on firing at the constable and killed him.”

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