US: Plane crashes into power lines in Montgomery County, cuts off electricity

A plane crashed into the power lines of Montgomery County in the US state of Maryland resulting in the widespread power outage.

The residents of the Montgomery County experienced an electricity cut-off that affected over 90,000 homes and businesses which is equivalent to one-quarter of the county facing the outage, however, no one was injured in the incident. “A small plane has crashed into power lines in the area of Rothbury Dr & Goshen Rd, taking out power to parts of the county. @mcfrs is on scene. PLEASE AVOID THE AREA, as there are still live wires,” the official twitter handle of the Montgomery County Department of Police tweeted.

The crash took place nearby a commercial area due to rainy weather, however, its cause yet remains unknown. One estimate indicates that the plane may have hit lines as high as 10 stories up. That could not be immediately confirmed, the Washington Post reported.
The investigation of the plane crash is underway.

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