UP: Yogi government all set to promote Mati Kala

Mati Kala

According to an official release from the Chief Minister’s office, the Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh has authorized the second installment of the budgeted cash for promoting ‘Mati Kala’ (clay art) in the state.

The goal is to promote ‘Mati Kala’ by nurturing traditional arts, rural culture, and rural enterprises in the state. Following government clearance, the Uttar Pradesh Matikala Board will get the second instalment of Rs 1.66 crore, which will be used to promote traditional clay art in the state.

It is worth noting that the Yogi government had allotted a total of Rs. 10 crore for different programs aimed at promoting ‘Mati Kala’ in the state, with the board having previously received the first tranche of Rs 1.66 crore.

The government has now authorized the second installment of Rs 1.66 crore from the remaining Rs 8.33 crore. In accordance with the Chief Minister’s objective, the Department of Cottage and Rural Industries has already issued instructions for the release of the second payment to the Uttar Pradesh Matikala Board.

Similarly to the last installment, the route has been cleared for the board to get Rs 1.66 crore in financial support for promoting ‘Mati Kala’ in the state. The Yogi government has also put in place some restrictions and conditions for granting the money.

According to these criteria, the allowed amount shall be used depending on immediate needs. The sanctioned sum shall be used in accordance with the criteria, and the Khadi Board will provide the government with a certificate of utility.

Notably, the Matikala Board had asked funds for different expenses and detailed project plans to promote Mati Kala across the state under the Yogi government’s budget.

‘Mati kala’ is creating a new identity for the state.