Unlimited consciousness helps us connect with God


Until we learn how to detach ourselves from a limited consciousness, human love, with all its limitations, will attract us against our will again and again. Detachment of this sort is cultivated by reaching for God in such a way that we feel Him satisfying the needs of any and all relationships. God is the Ocean of Love, so it is possible to experience Him as our perfect father, mother, beloved, and so on, all at the same time. It is only when we expose ourselves to all the aspects of God’s love that we are then purified, that is, made full by its power. A limited consciousness will not allow us to experience such fullness.

Only by being faithful to One can we fulfil ourselves in this way. Souls have the habit of being distracted by the physical world. We have to study and look after ourselves to ensure that this does not happen to us. The only thing that will break this habit is the practice of soul-consciousness. By being introverted, by turning our attention to One, we will continue to receive light and might from God.