Union Budget 2023: Here’s what Dr. Jitendra Singh has to say  

In a recent interview with newsX, Dr. Jitendra Singh presented his views on Union budget 2023. Dr. Singh is an Indian physician and politician. He is the Minister of State for the Ministry of Science and Technology and Minister of state for ministry of earth science.

TDG NETWORK: The FM spoke about the Amrit Kaal which is at play here. Do you think that this grand scheme of things is being understood by the common man?

Dr Jitendra: I believe so. All the things are unfolding in a very substantial way one after the other. For example, in the global innovation index, we have jumped 40 ranks higher, from 81 to 40. In the startup ecosystem, we are number 3. It gives a huge degree of self-esteem to the common Indian citizen. We have overtaken the economy of the UK, a country which ruled over us for 200 years has been overtaken despite so many restrictions and constraints that we face. Over the last 8-9 years Prime Minister Modi has sought to streamline and channel the resources in the most optimum way, most objectively and scientifically. Look at the concept which was mentioned today the aspirational blocks and districts. I was highly impressed when PM Modi presented this concept. It is absolutely out of the box. Earlier on, we had a backwards district with subjective parameters. Here we have 41 aspirational districts. So we are preparing ourselves over the last 8-9 years and in the next 25 years, I am sure we are going to be a front-line nation.

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