Uninvited guest’ turns up at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral

Queen Elizabeth II

As mourners, including royalty and heads of state from around the globe, were present at Westminster Abbey to attend the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, an uninvited guest, who made its way to the Queen’s coffin, apparently to bid her a farewell, was also spotted on the occasion.
Users on social media spotted a spider crawling on a handwritten note placed with some flowers on the queen’s coffin. The note was written by the Queen’s eldest son, King Charles III.
The short clip of the live coverage went viral on social media. Several Twitter users shared the video, one calling the critter the most famous spider.
“Cute little spider was spotted on Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin. I think it was just wanting to pay its respects for the Queen along with everyone else,” one user said.
Another Twitter user shared a video saying, “The most famous spider in the world right now.”
“Did anyone else spot the spider catching a ride on Queen Elizabeth II coffin?” tweeted another.
“How cute was the spider hitching a ride on Queen Elizabeth II coffin? “Flowers selected by King Charles from gardens at @RoyalFamily Highgrove and Buckingham Palace,” another user tweeted. 
The coffin of the longest-serving monarch of the United Kingdom was carried at Westminster Abbey in London today with the Royal family members and top world leaders in attendance.
The Queen’s wreath contained foliage of rosemary, English oak, and myrtle and flowers, in shades of gold, pink, and deep burgundy, with touches of white, cut from the gardens of royal residences.
“At the King’s request, the wreath contains foliage of Rosemary, English Oak and Myrtle (cut from a plant grown from Myrtle in The Queen’s wedding bouquet) and flowers, in shades of gold, pink and deep burgundy, with touches of white, cut from the gardens of the Royal Residences,” the Royal Family tweeted.
 In another incident, a police officer collapsed while on duty for Queen Elizabeth’s funeral today. The officer fainted during the service and had to be carried away on a stretcher. He collapsed before the funeral procession strolled down the Mall and he fell at Parliament Square, the New York Post reported.