Unfazed by adversity: Uma Ratnu fearlessly ventured into the realm of societal transformation

Women empowerment has been a major challenge in the desert state. Bringing women out of domestic drudgery and showing them a brighter tomorrow needs not just effort but a pledge to sail across the wings of adversity and stand strong. One such torch bearer has been UMA RATNU Uma Ratnu was born in 1966 in […]

Women empowerment has been a major challenge in the desert state. Bringing women out of domestic drudgery and showing them a brighter tomorrow needs not just effort but a pledge to sail across the wings of adversity and stand strong. One such torch bearer has been UMA RATNU
Uma Ratnu was born in 1966 in a Charan family of Sitarampura Charanwas village, Govindgarh tehsil of Jaipur district of Rajasthan state. Uma Ratnu’s family belonged to the category of educated and civilized families, due to which her parents enrolled Uma Ratnu in school and Uma Ratnu completed her studies till tenth class. After 10th, she had to go to another school some distance away from the village and at that time her family decided to get her married, which they had to do despite not wanting to, due to pressure from family and society.
In the year 1985, they got married in a village located near Laxmangarh. But, during this time something happened that they lost their future children. She also lost the power to become a mother again. After this, Uma Ratnu decided that she would work for the society and eradicate the discrimination between men and women in the society. society.
In the face of life’s quandaries, she emerged resilient, dedicating herself to uplift the downtrodden and oppressed women in society. Despite initial resistance from both family and society, her unwavering commitment to instigate change prevailed. With a nucleus of devoted women supporting her cause, Uma Ratnu embarked on a transformative journey, earning the revered title of ‘Jiji Bai’ in Rajasthan. Today, her name resonates across genders, a testament to the indomitable spirit that has etched a distinctive legacy of positive change.
Due to Jiji Bai’s strong leadership and work being done with decency, there were many other opportunities where women’s issues were strongly put forward and taken forward. He entered politics since 1994, a brief introduction of which is as follows-
First of all, in 1994, he was made BJP Vice President, Dehat Mandal, Laxmangarh and Leader of Opposition, District Literacy Committee, Sikar. Along with all these works, Uma Ratnu ji also established a social institute which she named Nari Utthan Sansthan and dedicated it to the upliftment of women. Along with the work of the institute, he has been Vice President, Mahila Morcha Sikar 1996, Conciliator Member Lok Adalat 1996-1998, Member Rajasthan Telecommunication Advisory Committee 1998-2002, Member Panchayat Committee, Laxmangarh and Leader of Opposition Panchayat Committee Laxmangarh, Sikar 2000, Member Regional Rural Industrial Development Council Kapat 2001-2004, President Shekhawati Charan Mahasabha, Sikar 2003- 2006, Member State Social Welfare Board, Rajasthan 2006, Member Deficiency Redressal Committee, Sikar 2006, State Vice President Mahila Morcha, Rajasthan 2006-2009 and 2016 – 2019 Member Rajasthan Raj
Working as Child Rights and Protection Commission Rajasthan! Along with all these important responsibilities, she is also continuously working for Nari Utthan Sansthan. From 1995 till now, Nari Utthan Sansthan has done many important works in collaboration with the community, especially with women, including women and child development and employment, as well as other development works.
Special contribution to social welfare through various social service and voluntary organizations of the district.
Made special contribution in upliftment works like women empowerment, Swachh Bharat Mission
Under this, bringing awareness for the construction of toilets in the villages, making available the goods which were produced by the men and women of the village, constructing ponds under the water self-reliance programme, cleaning and maintaining the old ponds, getting the trees planted etc. Integrated development. accumulated education for,
Special contribution: Made special contribution in the works of social upliftment through various social service and voluntary organizations of the district like women empowerment, creating awareness for construction of toilets in villages under Swachh Bharat Mission, providing goods which are necessary for the women and children of the village. Under the water self-reliance programme, construction of ponds, cleaning and maintenance of old ponds, tree plantation etc. was done by men. Mrs. Uma Ratnu ji has worked for integrated development through proper education, self-employment, cleanliness, health, especially for the development and welfare of women and children, elderly and specially-abled people, which continues

1. Forming self-help groups, linking them with banks, providing loans for employment, providing necessary training for employment, etc. Till now, through the institute, 10000 women have been connected through more than 800 self-help groups.
2. Mahashakti Milk Producer Company Limited – Out of these 10000 women, about 778 to 5000 women were organized together and inspired for milk production by registering the Farmers Producer Company, under which all the women started rearing animals and collecting milk. For this, more than 100 collection centers have been set up in every village, which are also operated by women and about 5000 liters of milk is collected from them every day and it is sold by making mawa, kalakand, ghee etc. and the milk is cooled and sold directly. Milk is also sold. Through this process the annual turnover of this company is around Rs 15 crore. Only 99 percent women work in this company, which includes doing accounts, milk measurement, milk testing and entering money transactions in tele software etc. There are 8 company directors in the company, working as secretary, deputy secretary, treasurer and workers etc.
3. Amrita is a Joint Responsibility Group (JLG) which produces and sells milk products in collaboration with the producer company. Products like Alwar’s famous Kalakand (milk cake), pure ghee, mawa etc. J.L.G to start this work After making it, he got a loan of Rs 5 lakh from the bank due to which he bought the necessary items for his work and started this unit. This unit is actively working in Narayanpur, to see which NABARD and other institutions working on this subject are visiting here and getting information.
4. Mahashakti Spices Unit The women of this unit make many types of spices and sell them to their group as well as to other people. Packing of all the spices is done by the women themselves.
5” Handicraft – The dolls of Rajasthan are very famous and are made in abundance here. Women of some group of Nari Utthan expressed their desire to make dolls and the need for training was felt to do this work and these Some women were given training and today all these women make different types of dolls. These dolls are in demand in the country and abroad too. This type of dolls.
Apart from these women of Narayanpur, it is not made anywhere else. 6. Amrita Rural Mart – When Amrita Group started making Kalakand, the question arose that how can they sell the Kalakand at their own branch and then give it to some other shopkeeper? As soon as this question came, Mrs. Uma Ratnu thought why should we provide such a place to our sisters that they do not face any problem and they get the fruits of their hard work while living in Nari Gram? Therefore, to sell the products made by them for the women of Nari Uthan, Amrita Rural Mart was established with the help of NABARD, which is today established in Nari Gram in Narayanpur village of Alwar district. In this rural mart, the sisters of the group maintain their accounts. Maintains stock register Mrs. Uma Ratnu’s aim is that women should be empowered and move forward on their own strength.
Through awareness rallies and various mediums, awareness is being raised about girl’s education, ‘Save the Daughter, Educate the Daughter,’ cleanliness, environment conservation, water conservation, and women’s rights.
Inspired and connected by school education, technology, and income-generating opportunities, 80,000 girls have been encouraged, and through the ‘Tara Akshar’ program, 1,000 women from the community have been connected and made literate. These women, who once applied thumb impressions, now sign documents, and some even sign in English.
Under the NABARD (National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development) project, 150 women were facilitated with bank loans, enabling them to purchase livestock and engage in dairy production.
The construction of 100 community service centers has benefited 2,500 rural individuals in 10 villages. By constructing 650 toilets under the sanitation campaign, awareness has been raised among 5,000 people. The establishment of 11,025 biogas plants not only promoted green energy but also contributed to saving forests. This initiative has positively impacted women’s health.
Under the environmental awareness program, 1,000 new saplings are planted annually, and a continuous effort to plant trees has resulted in the plantation of 5,000 trees over the last five years.
In the health sector, approximately 60,000 women, children, and other community members have received check-ups, medicine, and proper advice. About 15,000 health cardholders regularly benefit from these health services. Through health check-ups conducted by the institution, nearly 4,000 people have benefited.
Through 154 awareness camps, 6,000 individuals have been sensitized and made environmentally conscious.
The establishment of ‘Snehalya,’ an ashram for children, the elderly, girls, and women, has provided shelter to 35 women, 89 girls, and 25 boys. Free education is also provided for children through this initiative.
Awards and Recognition:
For consistent work in the field of social responsibility for nearly 22 years, several awards and honors have been conferred by government and non-governmental organizations.
In 2009, Uma Ratnu was honored with the ‘Empowered Woman’ award by the Venus Club, Sikar, Rajasthan.
In 2011, the Dainik Bhaskar Group honored her with the ‘Dainik Bhaskar Woman of the Year’ award.
In 2014, she was recognized for her exceptional work in women’s empowerment with the ‘Personality Award’ on Women’s Day.
As part of the ‘NABARD’ program, Uma Ratnu received an award in 2017 for outstanding work in cooperative banking in Rajasthan.
In 2017, she was honored with the ‘Mother Power Award.’
Once again in 2017, Kurjan, Jaipur, recognized her remarkable courage and distinguished work with the ‘Daughter of the Nation’ award.
In 2017, she received an award from Mat Shakti for outstanding achievement in Rajasthan.
In 2017, Kurjan, Jaipur, honored her with the ‘Daughter of the Nation’ award for her exceptional courage and distinguished work!
So she has proved that where there is a will there is a way.