Understanding the Science Behind Alkaline Water and Its Potential Health Benefits


In an era of increased concern for health and well-being, more and more individuals are becoming aware of how they live, especially what they consume. As a result, the market for health-promoting products and beverages has experienced a massive increase in popularity. Alkaline water is one such popular product. With claims of multiple health benefits, alkaline water has captured the curiosity of health-conscious consumers.
Alkaline water is known for having a higher pH level than regular tap water, and consuming it can help with hydration, detoxification, and even the prevention of some health conditions. As the demand for alkaline water grows, it is critical to investigate its significance and comprehend its underlying science. Understanding the science behind alkaline water allows us to obtain insights into its possible impact on our health and make informed decisions about including it in our regular hydration routine.

The Science behind Alkaline Water
The mineral content of water determines its alkalinity, specifically the amount of bicarbonate, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Alkaline water can be produced using electrolysis, which involves passing an electric current through water to separate it into acidic and alkaline components. The concentration of minerals in the water increases due to this process, resulting in a higher pH level. Furthermore, alkaline water can assist in neutralizing the effects of an acidic diet and establish a more alkaline environment in the body.

Antioxidant Properties
Alkaline water’s antioxidant qualities are one of the key justifications for why it is considered healthy. Antioxidants are substances that aid in protecting the human body against harmful free radicals, which are known to hasten the ageing process and promote the growth of a number of diseases. The negatively charged hydroxide ions found in alkaline water have been demonstrated to have antioxidant properties. These hydroxide ions can aid in free radical scavenging, lowering oxidative stress and shielding cells from damage.

Immunity Booster
For overall health, it’s important to keep a robust immune system. Since alkaline water has the ability to balance the pH levels of the body, it is commonly promoted as a defence against illness. A balanced pH is essential for effective immunological performance, since the pH scale evaluates a substance’s acidity or alkalinity. Furthermore, drinking alkaline water can assist the body in maintaining an alkaline environment, which might support immune system activity and improve its capacity to protect itself against infections and disorders.

Copper-Enriched Water
Alkaline water also has the potential to be loaded with essential minerals like copper, which is an intriguing aspect. Copper is a necessary micronutrient that is important for many body processes, including creating red blood cells and maintaining a robust immune system. Some alkaline water filters are made to add trace levels of copper to the water, enhancing its nutritional value. Thus, it is essential to remember that too much copper can be dangerous, therefore, moderation is necessary.

Bone Health
Alkaline water has been suggested to provide possible bone health advantages. Research indicates that an acidic environment in the body can accelerate bone resorption, or the process of breaking down bone tissue.
To combat this, with its higher pH level, alkaline water is thought to help neutralize this acidity, potentially slowing bone resorption.

Alkaline Water: Searching Balance
Alkaline water has gained popularity due to its possible health benefits, which include antioxidant capabilities, immune-boosting effects, and potential bone health benefits. Owing to its benefits, people should incorporate alkaline water purifiers in their home to lead a healthy life. According to Custom Market Insights (CMI), the market for alkaline water purifiers worldwide is expected to increase at a CAGR of nearly 6% between 2022 and 2030, from an estimated $53 million in 2021 to a projected $85 million by 2030.

Written by Kavinder Khurana who is Managing Director of Tesla Power USA.