Under PM Modi, the number of start-ups tripled :Union Minister Jitendra Singh

Union Minister Jitendra Singh stated at the National Innovation Awards on Monday that the number of start-ups in India had increased 300 times in the last nine years.

Jitendra Singh, who holds multiple important portfolios, was addressing at an event at Rashtrapati Bhavan when President Droupadi Murmu gave National Innovation Awards to “Grassroot Innovators.” Jitendra Singh stated that there were approximately 350 StartUps prior to 2014, but after Prime Minister Narendra Modi issued a clarion call in 2016, their numbers increased to more than 90,000, including more than 100 Unicorns.

Speaking about the opening up of space sector for private players, he said more than 100 StartUps have come up in the space sector within just about three years. Similarly, biotech StartUps went up from around 50 to nearly 6,000.
Further, Jitendra Singh said that India had no dearth of talent, capability, innovation and creativity among the youth but it was lack of political leadership, which according to him was provided by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

By bringing in National Education Policy 2020, he said it gave emphasis to skill and not only to academic degrees and prepared individuals for earning livelihood according to their aptitude and skill.

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