Uncertainty stares flood-hit slum dwellers


As floods hit the low-lying areas in the national capital, slum dwellers whose houses got submerged claimed that they were not alerted beforehand and many others alleged that help was not forthcoming from the administration.
Many of those affected by the floods in Mayur Vihar and old Yamuna bridge areas have been sleeping in the open with just a tarpaulin over their heads, defecating in the open and waiting for the water levels to recede. Pointing towards the submerged house under the Yamuna bridge, Seema, a 39-year-old woman, grieved about how her efforts of 20 years went into vain in just three days. “I have been working as a househelp for the last 20 years and spent every penny of my income for my house and my children. The efforts and hard work of 20 years went into vain in just three days,” a tearful Seema said.
She claimed that they have received no help from the government except for plastic tarpaulins and a packet of milk and that they were not alerted beforehand about the rising water levels.
“Earlier the police used to alert us before floods but this time no one even prompted to move out of our houses and the whole of the slum is submerged in water now. The government says a lot of things but gave us nothing. We only received one tarpaulin and a packet of milk. They came and wrote our names on Saturday, took all details but nothing has been done so far,”
Seema said.