Quota for SC/STs to be hiked, after all party meet; says CM Bommai

Karnataka chief minister Basavaraj Bommai hiked reservations for Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes (SC/ST) by 17% and 7% respectively on Friday.

Bommai released a statement on Friday stating, “It has been unanimously decided to hike reservation for the Scheduled Castes from 15 percent to 17 percent and the Scheduled Tribes from 3 percent to 7 percent.”

Earlier on Friday, the party meeting was held and after that, this decision came. The meeting was held between the leaders of both Houses to discuss Justice Nagamohan Das’s Committee report on the hike for quota for the SCs/STs here on Friday.

Meanwhile, Bommai said the demand to hike reservations based on population was pending for a long time. Accordingly, it was unanimously decided to increase reservations for the SCs by 17 percent and the STs by 7 percent.

Before this meeting, the Bommai government on Saturday morning called for a special meeting to hike the reservation for SCs/STs to show its commitment to social justice, and to take legal action in this regard.

Moreover, on Saturday the final notification will be issued on the recommendations of Justice Nagamohan Das’s Committee.

“The aspirations of all communities and religions have increased. There is a feeling that within the SCs/STs justice has not been done to many. In the wake of this, it has been decided to study the reports of all the commissions and to make a good decision. In the coming days, decisions regarding internal reservation among the SCs/STs will be taken in due consultation with experts and leaders of all parties, and also to ensure no injustice is done to the society. The government will take a suitable decision on reservation for the backward classes on the basis of reports and do justice for those people,” Bommai said.

CM Bommai further added, “There is 50 percent reservation in the State and the quantum of the reservation will not reduce for the SC, ST, category 1, 2A, and 2B. This reservation is given for above 50 percent quota and the same has been underlined by Justice Nagamohan Das Committee and told by the Government too. It has been decided to give 10 percent reservation for the economically backward communities which do not have a reservation as per law. But this has been challenged in the Supreme Court and a verdict is awaited.”

Schedule 9

However, CM Bommai said, “After the Tamil Nadu Government came to power in 1994, another verdict came in 2007 on Schedule 9 which says in case of any infringement in fundamental rights, legal immunity may be given. In West Bengal when the Land Reforms Act came in 1950, the Supreme Court had abolished that act. At that time, it was brought in the form of Schedule 9 by considering it as a fundamental right to ensure justice for farmers. This is applicable not only in reservations but also in other issues. From 1994 onwards, this concession has been given. Till now, the verdict has not come in this regard.”

Furthermore, to discuss the issue from all angles including legal and the Constitution all-party meeting was called to take everyone into confidence besides creating harmony in the state.

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