Ukraine’s President Zelensky planning to visit US


Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky is planning to go to Washington and meet President Joe Biden on Wednesday, sources say.

 This would be the 1st foreign trip for the Ukraine President since the invasion from Russia in February.

As the trip would be fraught of security concerns, the plans could change at the last minute.

Zelensky would address Congress underscoring U.S support for the country as the war drags on with Russia. During the visit, Biden will announce nearly $2 billion in security aid, including a Patriot surface-to-air-missile battery, a senior administration official told reporters on a conference call.

The United States will train Ukraine’s military on how to use the Patriot’s missile in a third world country, the official said, noting that it will take time before it is operational in Ukraine.

On Tuesday, President Zelensky made an unannounced visit to the city of Bakhmut, where Ukrainian and Russian forces have fought for months.

In a moment which was caught on camera, soldiers gave Mr Zelensky a Ukrainian flag with their signed on it and asked him to give it to President Biden.

The U.S has been a strong ally for Ukraine in this war, providing $65 billion in aid, including humanitarian aid.

The Ukraine president has frequently spoken to world leaders over telephone calls and through video calls, often in his office in Kyiv.

But this visit to the United States has shown the importance of Ukraine’s relationship with US which has played a leading role in providing military support.